Buying BBQ Grills

BBQ, barbecue, barbeque, Bar-B-Q … which is correct? Pick one and use whichever you like. They all refer to the same thing. I really think BBQ came about through a combination of influences (Caribbean, African, Europe, American Indians, cowboys, etc.). People don’t agree on its origin, so they can’t agree on a definition. People in general will also refer to grilling as BBQ (that really ruffles the feathers). And naturally, not everyone agrees on the details.

One option is to simply buy a disposable grill whenever you need one. Additionally, disposable grills are very cheap, and if you are only barbecue occasionally, can therefore be more economical than buying a reusable grill. Additionally, these grills are easy to clean, and therefore popular with both domestic and professional users.

Barbeque rubs are comprised of certain proportions of herbs, spices, sea salt, and minimal sugar or sweetener. These herbs and spices, as well as others, stimulate digestion, hydrochloric acid production, and, last, but not least, the taste buds and sensors. Nutritional experts concur with one another that, unless you can find a trust-worthy sauce, marinade or rub, it’s wiser to create your own at home. Widespread herb irradiation, hydrolyzed cornstarch, MSG, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, sugar, and other taste impostors will hurt your body whilst tricking your taste buds. The art of barbeque rubs is too broad to be covered in this short space, but it’s worth noting that the application of the rub is just as important as the composition of the ingredients.

Well, spring is here and summer is right around the corner. The ingredients should be water and smoke concentrate and nothing else for your bbq grill set. There are also a couple of different smoke flavors my favorites being Hickory and Mesquite. Spring BBQ’s are a great way to get friends together who you haven’t seen for awhile. Well, that’s why a good plan of attack is to have some activities scheduled and something where people can rally around and have a little fun. Another good option is a game called cornhole. Cornhole is a game similar to horseshoes or washers where you pitch 1 pound bags filled with corn at a wooden platform with a 6 inch hole towards the top.

Many of us are happy with just cooking out for our family, but including neighbors, friends, and coworkers can also be an equally enjoyable time. Once you make the decision to host a backyard BBQ party, grab a pencil and paper and start writing down the foods that you plan to serve, as well as foods that others enjoy. Of course, the main feature of BBQ’ing in ones backyard is grilling the meat and adding the sauce. That way when the guests arrive, all that is left or doing is the cooking of the meats.

Dehydrated Potatoes What You Don’t KNow Can Hurt You

Dehydrated potatoes are really the same as instant potatoes, and this latter term is doubtless more familiar to you. If you are like thousands of other US people, you purchase dehydrated potatoes on a consistent basis and often use them in your cooking.

Think about how often you have gone to the local greengrocer to buy dehydrated potatoes. Once a week? Twice a month? In those times that you have got a pack that claims “Instant Potatoes,” have you ever checked the package for the list of ingredients contained in the pack? Next time you go out to buy your favorite brand of dehydrated potatoes, you must try taking a look at the list of ingredients. You may be in for a shock.

Actually, we have done that to one of the less expensive types of dehydrated products – check out its ingredients, that is. We went to our local Aldi’s and grabbed a box of “Great Worth Instant Potatoes.” You would expect the package to contain potatoes, and nothing else right? After all, it’s just instant potatoes, so what else should be in there?

Here is a catalogue of the ingredients that are essentially included in the pack of dehydrated potatoes:

– potato ( you would truly be surprised if this wasn’t included )
– monocerides (these are fats)
– diglycerides (another kind of fats)
– sodium acid pyrophosphate ( this is actually a chemical used in electroplating )
– sodium metabisulfate (this chemical is employed with antioxidants )
– citric acid ( a weak acid used for flavoring )
– BHT or butylated hydroxytoluene ( a fat and oil antioxidant which has been quite controversial in the food-processing industry)

Out of all these listed ingredients, the sole one that basically has business being in a pack of dehydrated potatoes is the potato itself. So what are all the other stuff doing in there? Just seeing the amount of chemicals involved in making dehydrated potatoes will make you want to think twice about purchasing them again.

You do have the option of making your own dehydrated potatoes. You may be sure that there are no dangerous chemicals added, and you can even have a good time making them. The process is reasonably straightforward, and you can make it into a fun activity for the family, particularly if you have kids around. For more info see on Dehydrated Mushroom.

When making dehydrated potatoes at home, just follow these straightforward steps:

1. Cut your potatoes into thin slices.
2. Place them in a warm oven.
3. Keep turning them until they become crispy and dry.
4. Mash them into powder and put them in airtight containers.

You can ask your kids to help in this last part. Simply ensure that everything is orderly so you will not have to wash up too much afterwards.

For more easy to make recipes, visit and also read about potatoe wedges.

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Fun Facts for Pie Lovers!

  1. love you some pie? King Tut Agrees!

Pies are old school…and have been enjoyed for more than a thousand years. It’s suspected that the first pies were created in Egypt and were filled with honey, fruits and nuts… much like the pecan, coconut and chocolate pies that we know and love today. Visiting Greeks took the recipe back to Europe and from Greece, to Rome, to Britain to my plate right here in the good ole USA!

  1. Pie, Pie and more Pie!

Give or take a bite, every adult US citizen will consume 6 slices of pie in 2009.According to Wikipedia, the most recent survey has the current population at 306 Million of which 73% are adults. That means 223,380,000 people who are munching down 6 pieces of pie each.. that’s like… um.. well…. a lot of pie! Pie has become so much of an American tradition that the phrase “As American as Apple Pie” has become a common expression. As reported in a recent study by Crisco, Americas favorite pies are as follows. Apple, pumpkin, pecan,, banana cream and cherry in that order. 18% of men say their wife cooks the best pie while only 2% of women are willing to admit their husband’s pie is superior!

  1. The Upper Crust

Pie is one of the few foods that can lay claim to its own official organization! You don’t hear much about the vegemite committee of America, but sure enough The American Pie Council is alive and well. “Designed to raise awareness, enjoyment and consumption of pies”, the APC organizes several annual events including the National Pie Championships and National Pie Day (which by the way is January 23rd – mark your calendars!) Membership has 3 levels – Amateur, Professional and Commercial and entitles you to a tart shell full of benefits not least of which is the official newsletter – Pie Times (of course it is…)

Love pie? Hanging for some serious Souther Pie! Check out America’s Best Pie

A Few Good Facts About Fresh Potatoes

Throughout America, potatoes are the most popular vegetable, even being ahead of other famous veggies like lettuce and onions. You can cook potatoes in a selection of ways, and they are included in one out of three meals eaten by almost
all US citizens. When they’re prepared in a healthyway, a potato can be an excellent source of energy and also pack a nutritional punch.

Like oranges, potatoes are extraordinarily high in vitamin C. The fact is, one medium potato contains 45% of the vitamin C that’s recommended for good health. Potatoes are also high in fiber and carbs and contain more potassium than a banana.

A potato is naturally low in calories and contains no fat, sodium, or cholesterol. The skins of the potatoes provide a beneficial dose of fiber, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and many B vitamins.

You can prepare potatoes by boiling them, steaming them, or perhaps roasting them. If at all possible you’ve got to avoid putting potatoes in the chiller or freezing them, as cold will turn the potato starch to sugar and lead them to turn dark when
they are cooked.

When you store potatoes, keep them in a cool, dark place. Too much light will make them to turn green. You can stick ’em in the basement if you have one, as the basement is the best place to keep potatoes.

From mashed potatoes to baked potatoes, a potatois something we all know and love. They serve many different juicy foods, and they supply our bodies with lots of healthful benefits. We all eat potatoes, many of us even grow our own. Whether
you grow your on or buy them, the potato is the one plant that makes everything a bit bit better.

Do you like to cook? If so, visit and get easy recipes you can use everyday to make delicious meals for the entire family and you might also want to take a look at french fries recipe.

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5 Ways To Better enjoy a Barbecue

Since Americans in the South began publicly roasting pigs at parties and get togethers, Barbecues have been a common item in the lives of North Americans.
For most of the population using a grill is a essential part of cooking and for the hard core barbecuers once the summer comes in it’s barbecues all the way.

Every barbecue is always a good fun family event. Here are 5 ways to make your routine evening barbecue a more unique experience:

1) Who said you have to only barbecue meat? There is quite a lot that can be done with bread or fruit and veg over a naked grill. One way to make barbecues and grilling more fun to the whole family is to use pastry cutters for what ever it is you are grilling. It is up to you or your kids what design and type of food you use.

2) Try some of those foil packed recipes which cook in less than 20 minutes which are very handy and clean and kids will also love the surprise element. Combos can be great fun as you can mix it up any way you want and it makes a great game for the kids mixing different items of bread, fruit and veg.

3) They say variety is the spice of life so if you only ever cook the same old sausages and steaks why not try something different like a nice bit of cod or a juicy bit of venison. Similarly, try to mix it up with condiments and seasoning.

4) Barbecues should not be rushed, they are supposed to be fun, many of the die hard barbecue fans out there will state that broiling is an insult to the barbecuing criteria. Barbecues should represent a process of slow cooking on low to high heat and while you wait for the food to grill its a great opportunity to have a good laugh with who ever is in your party be it friends and family.

5) When we were all small children are moms told us never to play are food, well there is an except to every rule isn’t there? Barbecue games are a great way to have really good fun while cooking. In the game Glutton, every player gets either mashed potatoes, turnip or mac cheese, then they must pick at random a utensil from the kitchen and eat and the first person to eat all of their dish wins

You can make everything more exotic. For instance, you can add a dessert of red currants or maybe a strawberry pizza. And also, always remember that there are some cheap protein sources that can be combined with a good barbeque.

Becoming A Vegetarian – Go Slow

It might seem silly to think about the steps you ought to undertake to understand how to become a vegetarian.  After all, isn’t it as easy as just cutting meat out of your food intake?  The answer to that easy question is a unquestionable NO!  You see, becoming a vegan is to a large extent more than just saying no to a steak or a hamburger.  You want to learn that knowing how to turn into a vegan necessitates a lot of investigation and even a little bit of effort so that you can be healthful and not deny your body of anything that it wants to function entirely in the way it was intended to.  Take your time to discover all of the wonderful foods that vegetarians can eat.

The first step toward becoming a vegetarian is to go slow.  Quiting meat “cold turkey” could be disastrous because your body will try to compensate for not having something that it has grown accustomed to getting for a long time.  Start by cutting meat out of your diet a modest bit at a time.  Depending on your current meat intake, this might mean eating less red meat for a couple weeks and then eventually switching over to fish or chicken.  After your body has adjusted to the red meat change, then you can cut chicken and fish out of your diet completely.

If you choose to know how to grow to be a vegetarian,you will also need to do a slight research into the nutrients that are contained in various vegetables so you can be certain that your body is getting the necessary things it needs to be healthy as well as functional.  Your body needs vitamins such as B and C and minerals like iron and zinc.  Calcium and protein are also chief components of a well-balanced food intake.  So you will need to know what foods contain all of these nutrients so that you are not depriving your body of what it wants to be a fully functional and well-tuned machine as you certainly want it to be.

Another major part of your diet will need to include proteins from sources other than meat.  Protein is essential to the human body and so when you are researching how to become a vegetarian,you will want to find alternative sources of protein so that your body can function the way it was meant to.

Why Many Consider Plain Old Water Boring And Hard To Drink

It is strange that with all the developing countries where people are dying for lack of water, those of us in developed countries are rather spoiled. To stay healthy one should drink a minimum of eight 8 ounce glasses per day even though plain water might be boring and hard to drink.  So most people would prefer to make water that taste pleasant enough to make them want to drink enough to stay healthy.

To simplify it many add some flavor which can help them drink more. Flavoured water is available at the store. Of course, the general opinion is that it is one of the premium products in the grocery store.Without adding a lot of sugar or without costing a lot of money some ideas are given below.

If you are one of the many who want to stay away from chemicals or additives that are artificial as well as caffeine, here are some natural ways to add flavor to your water:

• A slice of lemon or
• A small piece delicious fruit
• A good cranberry juice concentrate
• Take a portion of cucumber
• A mint leaf 

If you approve of artificial sweeteners try adding:

• A little light cranberry juice
• Crystal Light or a reputed sugar-free mix
• Limeade and/or lemonade by adding a small amount of fresh juice
Out of these flavouring added to club soda, seltzer water, or diet tonic water.
Add flavours to sparkling waters. (A large assortment of calorie free flavors to flavor sparkling water to great taste is sold at    

You can replace milk and soda with water to drink when you are thirst.Do not drink water beyond your capacity. Overload of water in the body may give rise to cramps.

You have the option to buy a filter for your faucet. You have the option to buy fruit flavors for these filters to make your faucet water fruit favored when desired.

FlavorSplash is a well known product. FlavorSplash makes water fruit-flavored.  Recently a number of slightly flavored waters have come on the market – bottled by numerous companies.  Some are very good and some have mixed flavors that really don’t taste well together (in fact, some are quite awful).

I found one to improve the taste of water.  Combine a teaspoon of honey with a tablespoon of apple-cider vinegar and enough hot water to melt the honey. Mix well and continue adding water to make a gallon. First chill then drink. (Apple-cider vinegar is a good health agent.)

There are many recipes for adding some taste to your water on many websites.A Google search may help you in searching one or two favorites which will make your water tasteful.

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