Important auto maintenance tips for your car

One thing people don’t even know is how crucial it is to maintain your car properly.  We take for granted these cars that get us around wherever we want to go.We don’t even seem aware that our safety is at risk whenever we go out. In addition they don’t even know that the car’s safety is also on the line when driving.So here are the following 2 very critical auto maintenance jobs.

First off it is important for the overall health of your car to always do tuneups.What I am talking about is making sure your car is on schedule for regular tuneups.As previously stated your car will be one of your major investments.If you don’t make an effort to care for it you are in danger of ruining it.  I have seen many clients ruin their vehicle and take it into my San Diego auto repair shop after the fact.  I see that if they had just performed some routine maintenance, the problem may never have happened.

Another point to take in is the fact when you do regular tuneups you will also make your car run cleaner.With such a strong emphasis to cleaner air through cleaner emmissions it is really important.  Because if you don’t take care of your car it can run the risk of faiing a smog check.  I have seen older cars that when taken care of pass with flying colors in my San Diego smog check shop by doing regular tune ups.  I have seen the other way around as well.Cars that didn’t have regular care are usually the ones that will fail.

Finally probably the most important part of your car is your brakes.  But people neglect it all the time.By not doing a good job of caring for your brakes you are taking a chance of more expensive repairs.  In my San Diego brake shop I see cars have expensive brake repair jobs because they didn’t do simple maintenance. By doing some regular checking of their brakes.  Or having it checked regularly they could have saved a lot of money.

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