You can check for transmission problems at home

One auto repair for your car that is very expensive is doing some transmission repair.  It is a big part of your car.Being sure to take care of it is really important.By doing some maintenance on your car you will end up saving a lot of money.Since it is something you won’t be able to fix yourself, you still can do some checking at home.   By checking it at home you can make sure you need to take it in.

First off since I own a Escondido auto repair shop I know how expensive transmission repairs can be.  So I always tell my clients to check a couple of things first.This way you can double check to see if it really needs to be brought in.First thing they can check is the fluid.  The fluid should be clear.If you find that the fluid is black or dark, that is a warning sign of problems and the car has to be brought in.

Another thing they can check is to see if the gear shifts normally.You accomplish this by simply moving the gears from park to drive.  Or you can move it from park to reverse.What you are trying to see is if the gears do the shifting smoothly.What you hope doesn’t happen is a jerking motion.  If you do have jerking that is a sign that something is wrong with your tranmission.  In my Oceanside transmission repair shop this is one of the big signs of transmission problems.  A lot of cars that come in have this very problem.

Lastly you can see if there could be any leaking of your transmission fluid.This is another thing you can do with your dipstick.  But you can’t tell if you don’t check it regularly.  I advise all my customers in my Oceanside auto repair shop to always check your fluids.People know how to check for oil.  But they should also check their transmission fluid.  This way they can tell if their fluid is leaking.

If you perform these steps on your car you are making sure your transmission stays in good condition.

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