Tips on improving the lifetime of your transmission

One of the repairs that will cost you a lot on a car is having the transmission done.  It is one of those repairs you hate to hear you have to do.So without question people are searching for methods to get their car to last longer.Or they really are wanting to know can it be done. Like anything it is possible.You can do things that will help it last longer and that is by taking care of it.But here are some more things that are more specific in helping your transmission get more life.

First thing you have to do without fail is keep the proper levels of fluid.Just like most things in your vehicle you want to have your fluids at the right level.  But with a transmission it is crucial if you want your car to last longer.  Whenever a client takes there car in to the Oceanside transmission repair shop I run I always check their fluids.I am always talking to my customers to make sure they understand to watch their fluid levels.  If they run their car with low fluids they will surely ruin their transmission.Or it will not give them as much life as they want.

Second thing to be aware of is that heat can harm your transmission.So you are going to want to find ways to get your transmission to run cooler.One of the ways that work best is by adding in some transmission cooler.You can get it at your local auto parts store.  Of course when clients come and bring their cars in to our Escondido auto repair shop we add it in also.This gives the transmission the ability to run cooler.

Finally here is a simple one.Don’t ever try to shift the gears while your car is moving.  You will be surprised at the number of people who ruin their cars by shifting gears while the car is moving.  I am not because we see it all the time in our Oceanside auto repair shop.  People bring their cars in with ruined transmissions because they shifted while moving.

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