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Cooking oil sparks two-alarm apartment fire (KGO-TV Bay Area)

A two-alarm cooking fire left a resident with second-degree burns and displaced a neighboring family.

Home staging and it’s benefits to the seller

With the recession affecting the housing market a lot of sellers are creating ways to sell their house.It takes to sell a house and most of the time it takes a lot of months.And due to this why house prices are going down.  But there is one way that is gaining popularity that is helping people sell faster.  That way is home staging.

Home staging is when you decorate or remodel your house.Most of the time you will decorate it like a model home so it would become more attractive.  That is what we do for all the homes we stage in my home staging Riverside service.By making a house look just like a model home would greatly raise its value.It will give the buyer a chance to glimpse at their would be house where there are no defects and problems.  This helps make so many sales.

Home staging has many benefits.The most obvious benfeit is the fact that your house will be sold faster.  And in this housing market you want to sell as fast as possible.Because the value of your house would become much lower the longer it stays on the housing market. This is why you want to sell it as fast as possible.  That is why so many people use my home staging Ontario service.  They want to sell fast so they don’t lose more home value.

That someone can do the designing for you is another benefit you can get from home staging. As a interior designer Riverside service that is what my clients want.They have no clue on what’s hot and what’s not so they usually employ me to do the picking for them.  It works real well because a professional really knows how to use space.

So as you can see home staging is real beneficial to everybody involved.Because homeowners can sell their houses in no time.And the buyers can also see the best condition of the house that they are planning to buy.

Getting the Raising Emphasis on Organic Food Production in the Organic Foods Online

With the increasing emphasis put on organic food production, more and more people access the Internet for solutions that involve organic products. Besides the possibility to get lots of details on nutrients, health benefits and health threats posed by non-organic items, consumers can also choose to order organic foods online. Plenty of stores advertise on the Internet, with the mention that the perishable nature of the products does not allow for long distance transportation. Therefore most of the organic foods online is taken from farm markets, family farms and other local businesses that deliver the goods in no more than two days.

It is however preferable to buy from local suppliers who can actually deliver the organic foods online orders on the same day or within twenty-four hours. Given the absence of organic food availability in your area, you can search on the Internet for maps and reviews on the organic products suppliers and retailers in the vicinity that are the most relevant for you as a shopper. The items that are frozen or chilled require special packaging for the preservation of the temperature. Once you find an organic store online to match your needs, move on to checking their offer together with the terms and conditions.

Besides the product cost, organic foods online orders also involve some supplementary charges that are required for transportation purposes. It may be the case with some web sites to offer discounts for larger purchases; yet, remember that there could be a minimum amount required particularly in the wholesale system. In case you want to purchase eggs, you won’t be able to order just ten organic items, and the price will be usually applied to cartons or the form of packaging offered by the online retailer or the producer. Check all such details before the order or the purchase.

The most reliable organic foods online stores will have a geographical limitation in terms of delivery. This policy corresponds to the necessity to offer viable products that preserve all their properties and do not deteriorate during transportation. The whole purpose of the purchase is for the products to be fresh, raw and in perfect condition when they reach the customer. Make sure that you take such aspects into consideration when you place an order. And last but not least, remember that shopping with local suppliers is the most rewarding, meaning that the Internet becomes the alternative when you have no choice.

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Experiencing Some Entertaining Facts about Natural Energy Drink

This is an era of self announced natural energy hike up. So many manufacturers and people talk about welfares of the productions they enjoy. But who is telling the truth and who are being paid testimonies are difficult to figure out.

Natural energy drink is a new idea that has risen above the clouds from a few years ago. All of a sudden people have started saying  I cannot get past the days without a natural energy drink supporting me . Is this actually the truth? How about a few decades back when natural energy drinks were nowhere in sight? How did people outlived and got through their daily routines back then? Of course the negative debate would be that people were not as busy back then, as they are today. But what about adaptability and all those evolution theories that says individuals work at best when environments in which they live is challenging?

My point is, although it may be easy to go on reasoning about natural energy drinks with stoical basis, many people have gotten used to the idea and have made it part of their daily diet, already. Some doctors say energy drinks could be bad on teenagers. But the poor part is, although a sixteen year old cannot drink beer because it is illegal, he could plainly dose off on a couple of energy drinks and feel a better kick and get loaded; right because the so called natural energy drinks are not illegal to be used by sixteen year olds.

Many natural energy drinks supposedely contain natural herbal essence and nurishments. Some other natural constituents are also supposed to be held inside these natural energy drinks that improves memory and relieves stress. The question now is whether these complementary ingredients that are supposed to be working miracles in people are stable?

The body is a miraculous machine that works in many competent ways to combat stress and anxiety as well as diseases. So is it necessary that we feed our bodies with extra energy components in the form of so called natural energy drinks? The questions are out in the open and are endlessly arguable but the down side is that some people use natural energy drinks blindly, just to be in to trends. If you belong to that crowd, now it’s time to re-think about the whole game and arrive at a proper conclusion.

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Two Fried Chicken Recipes to Try

It’s Saturday evening and you and your friends are getting ready to watch the big game or a movie or may be it’s just a small party. So what’s the favorite dish that you can serve on such days? Yes you guessed it right! It’s indeed fried chicken.


Fried chicken recipes need not be time consuming and messy. You can try out some easy-to-make fried chicken recipes that won’t take much of your time in the kitchen. It’s always nice to serve your family and friends a variety of dishes. let’s look at some of the easy to make fried chicken recipes with a touch of difference.


Honey fried chicken:




Oil to fry or you can use shortenings

1/3 cup honey

3 tbsp white vinegar

2 tsp poultry seasoning

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

8 pieces of frying chicken

Salt and pepper to taste




Whisk together honey and vinegar in a bowl and set aside. Now mix flour, poultry seasoning and cayenne pepper in a bowl.


Season the chicken pieces with salt and pepper and keep for sometime. Now roll the pieces in flour mixture and coat them evenly on all sides. Shake off the excess flour. Fry the pieces in oil and cook on both sides. Turn the pieces with the help of tongs. Fry till golden brown.


Pour off excess oil and now add the honey mixture into the skillet over the chicken and cook over medium low heat. Turn the pieces to coat them with the honey mixture. Cook till liquid thickens. Serve hot.


Florida fried chicken recipe:




1 frying chicken cut into pieces

Add half a cup of salt and mix it with 3 cups of flour. Top it up with a tablespoon of poultry seasoning. For additional taste, you could add paprika or red pepper.




Mix salt in water and stir well till it dissolves. Now put chicken pieces in salt water and make sure they are covered. Now refrigerate this for 3 hours or preferably overnight.


Combine flour, poultry seasoning and paprika in a paper or plastic bag. Now put chicken pieces in bag (let the pieces remain wet) two or three pieces at a time. Coat the chicken pieces on all side. Now heat oil for deep frying and put in the chicken pieces.


Reduce heat if chicken browns quickly. Turn on all sides with a tong and cook well on all sides till golden brown.


This is a simple variation to the normal fried chicken recipes. These fried chicken recipes are sure to get you compliments from your friends and family. So try them!




chicken recipes is mentioned all over the net, Click Here to find out more


Chicken Fried Steak For The People

If you are on a weight loss program, take a break from it and indulge in Chicken Fried Steak. Well, we are not asking you to binge on this dish, but once a month dose of Chicken Fried Steak is good enough to keep your taste buds in place. People who have tasted this dish say that this is really one of the most delicious chicken dishes they have tasted ever. No wonder people are lining up to know more on Chicken Fried Steak recipe!


For your convenience, a lot of resources on the Internet provide you the Chicken Fried Steak recipe, so locating them wouldn’t be a problem for you. If you have tried your best, and yet are not able to train your eyes on a recipe, here it is for you.


• The chicken fried steak is first dipped in a mix of egg and milk. This mix is then dredged in seasoned flour. Bread crumbs are considered to be effective replacements here.


• Once you dip the chicken steak in the mix of egg and milk and treat it with flour, what you get is the coated steak. Fry the coated steak in hot fat until you find the coating becomes crispy and brown. When the coat is seen crispy and brown, the indication is – The coated steak is ready to be had.


• You could serve Chicken Fried Steak with a milk gravy, specially made for this dish or mashed potatoes. The choice of the side dishes is entirely up to you.


There is another way of making Chicken Fried Steak, as some Chicken Fried Steak recipes would point out. Tenderized chicken steaks are treated with seasoned flour and bread crumbs. Smothered steak, another type of steak is deep fried and simmered in hot gravy. The simmering in hot gravy makes the toughest of meats rather tender, which allows them to be consumed without a problem.


One look at the Chicken Fried Steak recipe and you will already know that it is simple to make. Oh yes, simple it is, but apart from being simple, what comes out of the oven or the deep fry pan are some pieces of chicken, nicely oiled, fried and ready to go into your mouth! Don’t bother watching your calories here, and put the Chicken Fried Steak recipe to good work!! Chicken Fried Steak, ready to be had mouthful!




Get more information about recipes


Super fried chicken tonight


We all know of the famous KFC or the Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s one of the most favorite comfort foods anyone can have. Just grab a tub of fried chicken with some Cole slaw and coke and you are all set for a party or a baseball game with your friends and family.


Chicken fried or commonly known as Southern fried chicken can be prepared in the typical southern style. But there are a whole lot of variations to chicken fried recipes. You have the Florida fried chicken, the fast fried chicken with white sauce, and the summer fried chicken.


Let us look at the most famous chicken fried recipes that are going to stir your taste buds.


Chicken fried Kentucky style: (KFC)


KFC is one of the favorite chicken fried recipes. It’s crispy, tasty and is the best summer food that you can prepare for a fun day with your family and friends. You’ll need:


1 frying chicken cut in pieces

2 beaten eggs

1 ½ cups milk

1 cup flour

¾ cups bread crumbs

½ tsp salt

½ teaspoon garlic powder

¼ teaspoon onion powder

½ teaspoon paprika

1 tablespoon freshly chopped parsley

2 large garlic cloves, minced

½ teaspoon soy sauce

2 tsp black pepper

1 tbsp Wondra flour

Oil for deep frying




Beat the eggs, milk and soy sauce in a bowl, add minced garlic cloves, half of parsley and 1 tbsp Wondra flour into the egg mixture and stir well.


Take another bowl, combine 1 cup flour, bread crumbs (fine) and all the other ingredients. Mix will with fork.


Put ½ cup additional flour in separate bowl. Now roll each chicken piece in this plain flour, then dip it in egg/milk mixture until coated well on all sides, then coat it with the flour and breadcrumbs mixture.


Gently put the chicken pieces in hot oil and fry them till golden brown. Keep turning them with tongs so that they fry evenly on all sides. Place them on kitchen towels to drain excess oil.


You can serve them with salad, dips or Cole slaw. Chicken fried is always served piping hot. But some even gorge on them even if they are just pulled out of a refrigerated. However you eat them, make sure you share them with friends and family. And always have some cool drinks with them like coke or even chilled beer. It tastes great that way!




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Texting while driving, public smoking, cooking with trans fats targeted in states' 2010 laws (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)

MADISON, Wis. – Texting while driving, smoking in public and cooking with artery-clogging trans fats will be that much harder under a bevy of state laws set to take effect Friday.

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