The Highly Rated Atlas Pasta Machine

The Atlas Pasta Machine allows creative cooking pasta lovers the ability to make their own noodles right in their own kitchen.  Creating a batch of pasta using the tradional Italian method can be a great experience.  Just think how fun it would be to serve your very own, hand cranked pasta to your friends. 

The Atlas Pasta Machine is built to withstand continual use due to its fine Italian, stainless stell craftmanship.  Directions for its use and subsequent care are simple. Everything is included to allow you to create all kinds of pasta. 

There are several kitchen appliance brands that offer a pasta maker.  But this machine is tops on our list.  If you read owner’s reviews you will quickly discover why it is tops in their opinions as well. If well taking care of it should produce wonderful noodles for a long time.

By simply using the recipe book included with the machine and closely following the directions you will be able to make your own delicious pasta noodles.  Making sure the dough is not too sticky will ensure it does not stick and beautiful pasta rolls out.   

The Atlas Pasta Machine offers the more authentic hand crank model as well as the modernized electric style.  Each machine will serve you will depending on your need.  For instance, the non-motorized version gives you a hands-on pasta making experience, while the electric machine gives you the ability to make lots of pasta, by yourself, quickly and easily.

Quite a few kitchens now employ the use of a pasta maker.  Perhaps you would also like to have the ability to make your own pasta at home anytime you want by purchasing a pasta machine.  You will need to choose between the more affordable hand crank style and the more expensive automatic machine.  If you are preparing the pasta solo then the electric machine would be the better choice as the other design needs quite a few hands to accomplish the task.

Prior to the purchase of any new appliance check out the consumer reviews.  The owners of the Atlas Pasta Machine give it rave reviews.  This Italian built, stainless steel machine is a workhorse.  You should be truly satisfied with this pasta machine.

Wine is Delicious, and There’s a Huge Variety of Wine to Buy Online

Almost anything can be purchased online; you can even get wine to buy online. The selection and prices are really impressive. As there are a lot of wine drinkers this makes it very convenient for them to be able to purchase wine online. You can buy wine online from many different retailers and have it shipped to your house. Now that is what I call convenient for everyone.

Buying wine online offers many option from which you may choose. For example it’s tough to know which type of wine to buy or what is a good cost for a particular bottle. There are so many options when buying wine online that your brain will be in full overload once you start. But it is all worth the effort with so much more to choose from and so many good sources out there. When buying wine online you will get a lot more to choose from that your traditional local beer and wine stores have to offer. There is definitely more to choose from when you buy wine online.

Because wine clubs are based on subscription, you can get a huge price break online. Wine clubs offer a wide range of different prices and offer wine drinkers just what they are looking for with huge price breaks. If you know how to do this properly then you can get really big price breaks on some really expensive bottles of wine. There are clubs online that will let you sign up for a monthly cost and you can get certain kinds of wine sent right to your front door for a fraction of the price of what you will pay at a beer/wine store. The wine club is also a better option for seasoned wine drinkers. You will get discounts on the more you buy which is not very likely to happen when you purchase from a local beer store. If you join a wine club you can opt to be sent catalogs of new wines to choose, many of which have not hit the shelves yet. Some of the wines you will buy online will not even make it to store shelves so you will be the first to know about them and you would not know about them without joining a wine club.

When you buy wine online the only extra cost you will have to pay is the cost of shipping. Buying directly from the supplier eliminates a lot of the extra mark up that you would normally pay for buying from a beer/wine store. Buying wine online is a great choice for all wine drinkers. You can find a club that is right for you, your taste of wine, and your budget. When you buy lots of bottle you save even more money on the cost of shipping so it becomes and even better deal. Buying wine online and through wine clubs has been the better option for a while now. PLenty of people are switching to this way of buying wine simply because it is less expensive and more convenient.

Wine clubs are already popular all over the world with growing popularity every day. Most sites even have live agents that you can chat or talk to that are there to help you choose the best wine for you. They will even help you choose a club that you can get the most out of based on the amount you are willing to spend. You can buy a single bottle or join a club. However, wine clubs are certainly the best deal– especially if you take selection in to account. If you buy wine online you will definitely be making the right choice and saving money at the same time. There is an abundance of online retailers that have wine to buy but knowing which one is the best deal is tough, especially knowing which club to join.

Turtle Cheesecake: The Mark of Adulthood

I was a bit different as a kid.  I mean compared to other children.  I didn’t sneak sweets.  I actually ate only meat, fruit and even some spinach and green beans.  I know that the parents reading this are thinking that they wish their children could be more like me.  My preferences might have been related to the reality that my mother kept me on baby foods until I was about twenty-eight.  As I reconsider it, the people at Gerber didn’t produce a pureed version of German chocolate cake.

I also ate very little candy.  On Halloween, I would come home from trick or treat, and  my mother and I would sit on the floor sorting my take for the evening.  We would sort them into three piles.  In one pile would go the things Mrs. Robertson made.  Those went straight into the garbage, because Mom was sure that Mrs. Robertson let her fourteen cats walk all over the kitchen counters.  The pile next to the toxic contributions of Mrs. Robertson was made up of any apples and small boxes of raisins that I had been given.  The apples were always provided by the two dentists who lived in our neighborhood.  That was the pile I ended the night consuming.  I can’t say for certain what happened to the third grouping–the one that contained all the candy, the caramel apples and the popcorn balls.  As soon as the sorting was finished, my mom hastily took those into my parent’s bedroom.  They never again appeared.  The only time I ever was allowed to have candy was when I visited one pair of grandparents.  (My other grandparents just read me Bible verses all day, and convince me that God was not particularly enthusiastic about any behavior of a typical child.)

I subsequently learned not to blame my mother for my almost sugarless upbringing.  I now know that somewhere there is a hidden school for mothers where they learn to protect their children from all things with a pleasurable flavor.  I know this because my wife exhibited the same behavior with our son on Halloween that my mother employed.  That was typically followed by a couple weeks of repeated, “Do I look fat to you?”  It didn’t take me long to realize that such a question demands a very rapid response; one should not even pause for a breath.

When I became a full fledged adult at the magical age of twenty-nine, I began to learn that applesauce, vegetables and meat in their natrual form do not really have the same texture.  I also discovered the wonders of dessert in the wonderful form of a gourmet cheesecake.  Actually, I now know that the word gourmet is rarely applied to anything that comes from the discount grocery store in an ugly box with a small cellophane peep hold.  The cheesecake turned out to be mostly chemicals–delicious chemicals.  Remember that my taste buds had been accustomed to the miracle recipes of the baby food makers.  To me, the cheesecake was the definition of heaven.

Later in life, as I belatedly went through my experimental wild years, I learned that cheesecake could taste much less like cardboard than my first sample.  (Please don’t ask why I know how cardboard tastes.)  I also discovered that cheesecake can come in a variety of flavors besides blueberry.

Dessert is now my reason for living! The best way to top off a well balanced meal of two jars of meat, three jars of thoroughly squashed squash and a banana is with a turtle cheesecake.  But please don’t tell my mother; she’ll just take it from me.

The saddest part of this story is that I don’t even know how to make a cheesecake.  If you have a recipe for one that doesn’t involve using either a mixer or an oven, please let me know.  I do know how to use a blender, though, because I watched my mom prepare the Thanksgiving turkey one year.

Author’s addendum:  I may have taken some creative liberties with slight exaggerations here and there, but I’m not concerned about being caught.  My mother is still not sure what the Internet is.

Boy's Cooking Starts Vinings Apt. Fire (FOX 5 Atlanta)

Firefighters were on the scene of a large apartment fire in Vinings Friday afternoon. Several units were destroyed in the blaze.

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Thieves steal $700 in cooking equipment from Boy Scouts (The High Springs Herald)

ALACHUA – Nearly $700 worth of cooking equipment has been stolen from a Boy Scout storage facility in Alachua, leaving local Troop 88 without equipment for campouts and charity events.

Choosing Quality Coffee Beans .

Once you have tasted real coffee, compared to general, supermarket coffee you will know why real coffee lovers go to such great lengths to find the perfect blend of coffee beans.

There are various different kinds of coffee beans all differing in flavour and strength of taste. Coffee beans grown in different environments, soils and climates will all taste completely different.

Some of the best coffee beans are found in Indonesia, where the [climate and soil|soil and climate] is [ideal|perfect], providing us with some of the finest blends in the world.

So what is the best [type|kind] of coffee?

According to the experts, the best cup of coffee comes from freshly roasted and ground coffee beans, in fact, the fresher the better. A cup of freshly ground coffee is far superior and with fresh beans you will never go wrong!

[Supermarkets|Local supermarkets] stock a limited amount of fresh beans, but for the real taste you may well have to visit your local gourmet store. Here, [experienced|expert] salespeople can advise you on different tastes of the beans available and in [many|some] stores you can have a taste before [buying|purchasing] anything.

A good quality bean should be whole and well shaped and never splintered or broken. You should also check the aroma of the bean to make sure it smells fresh and never buy more than a week’s supply at a time.

There are now [numerous|various] [internet|web] sites where you can [buy|purchase] online and have the fresh coffee beans delivered to your door the following day ensuring your beans stay as fresh as possible.

Coffee is a unique tasting drink, loved by some and hated by others but it can also be used to increase your energy levels and is used as a ‘pick me up’ throughout the world.

For more information on coffee making and qulaity coffee beans, contact the experts at

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Cooking Suggestions For Live Lobster Shipped To Your Own Home

When live lobster for delivery shows up on your doorstep know you are in for a treat. Use care when picking up live lobsters and look to check that all claws have bands on them for your protection. Sometimes they may slip during transit. You do not want a loose claw to grab one of your fingers as it would snap it into like a twig. Only take the bands off claws when the lobster has died.

Defrosting frozen lobsters or their meats should be avoided as it detracts from their flavors when cooking. Do not overcook when heating they should only be warm not hot to the touch. The meat will become a lot tougher if it gets to hot or is cooked to long.

For fresh live lobsters it only takes 10 to 14 minutes to boil per pound. Water needs to be boiling for the best flavor and tender meat when dropping in the lobster to the pot. Lobsters should be covered with water completely, therefore you will need a deep extra large pot.

A helpful tip to remember is to always pierce a hole in the lobsters head as soon as they are removed from the pot. This lets the water that it was boiled in drain and makes the meat even more delicious to the taste buds.

The water that you cook the lobsters in can be used as a base for seafood soups, pasta dishes and casseroles. All the flavors mingle together to provide your dishes with a surprising but tasty delight.

An important thing to remember is too be sure the lobsters you are cooking is in good health. Never cook a lobster whose tail is straight this means he died in transit or before cooking. You should always take a sniff of your lobsters before cooking to make sure they all smell of freshness. If there is a strange unrecognizable scent to them then never cook them as they could make you and your family sick. They are best cooked as soon as you receive them.

Timing is everything when cooking live lobsters. The harder shelled lobsters take more time than the softer shelled ones do. The softer shelled are considered to be the most tender of the two.

Grilling lobsters is another great and healthy way to prepare them. Whole lobsters are placed onto a hot grill and then left on one side til it turns bright red then turned and left on opposite side until that is the same in color. Serve with delicious garlic butter and gumbo if you have it on hand.

You can also split live lobsters for delivery and grill this way. Start with the meat side down and turn once 3-4 minutes is up and when on the shell side cook about 6-8 minutes more until shell is bright red shade and meat is very tender. It is important to remember not to overcook.

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Boy's Cooking Starts Vinings Apt. Fire (FOX 5 Atlanta)

Firefighters were on the scene of a large apartment fire in Vinings Friday afternoon. Several units were destroyed in the blaze.

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