Food And Drink – Reduce Food Costs Through Planning And Preparation

Are you one of the millions trying to make your food dollars stretch farther? Rising prices and lowered paychecks can be very discouraging. Would you be willing to make a few changes to reduce food costs? The changes I have implemented with my family are not difficult; they only require some extra time and thought. But the savings have been worth it.

Bread and butter

Bread is a staple food in the West while in in our region, rice is the grain of choice.

Bread and butter refers to the way one earns a living (similar to the phrase one’s rice bowl) and a breadwinner is the one who supports the family.

Bread and water means “the plainest and cheapest possible food”, which has its origins in the way Christians observe a fast in imitation of Jesus surviving in the desert. To know which side one’s bread is buttered is to know “what will be to one’s advantage”.

For example: “Leela’s family was living on bread and water when their father, the breadwinner, died in a car accident. Although selling fresh cow’s milk was his bread and butter, her mother has now started a small business offering tailoring services. While she appreciates friends and family dropping by for a chat, she knows which side her bread is buttered and attends to her customers promptly.”

Potato is a staple food in South America. A common phrase that incorporates this root vegetable is a hot potato – a “thing or situation that is difficult or unpleasant to deal with”.

For example: “The issue of whether to teach Mathematics and Science in English is such a hot potato, I wonder if we’ll ever hear the end of it.”

A couch potato is simply a lazy person whose life is confined to the couch.


While bread has positive meanings, butter is very much like its greasy and oily properties. If you have butter-fingers, you are likely to drop anything you hold. If you tend to be extremely pleasant to someone in order to get something from them, you’re buttering somebody up. Worst of all, if you look as if butter would not melt in your mouth, you’re acting innocent, kind and gentle when you may be the total opposite!

The whole enchilada

An enchilada is a popular Mexican dish, which is a tortilla (corn pancake) filled with a meat, chicken or tomato-based sauce (or salsa), rolled and topped with sour cream, guacamole (avocado sauce), grated cheese and peppers.

The whole enchilada, much like the dish, refers to something impressive or outstanding e.g. “Did you know that Becky is a celebrity now? She’s got a blog, an agent, a chauffeur, a personal assistant, a personal shopper, endorsements, VIP invitations, speaking engagements – the whole enchilada!”

In the soup

The ultimate comfort food, soups are associated with warmth and tender loving care. However, you would not want to be in the soup because it means “being in trouble” in informal British slang as defined by the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.

In hot soup seems to be the popular phrase now especially in newspaper headlines highlighting the misdeeds of politicians.

Letting someone stew in his or her own juice means you let someone suffer the unpleasant consequences of their own actions without helping them.

The worlds largest producer of sugar is Brazil, followed by the European Union plus in third place lies India. Forty percent of the worlds sugar is sourced from these three areas. The richest man in South East Asia, the Malaysian Robert Kuok made his first millions on the substance. He was responsible for eighty percent of all sugar produced from Malaysia in the 1970’s.

Prepare Multiple Items

A great way to reduce food costs is to prepare items in bulk. Not only does this allow you to buy the larger food containers at a fraction of the cost, but you can reduce your energy bills as well since you prepare once and eat twice! It’s quite easy to buy extra ground beef while it’s on sale and form hamburgers for the freezer. Meals such as lasagna and chili freeze very well. Ideas for make-ahead meals can be found in the frozen meals section of the grocery store. Even cookies can be made ahead and frozen. All this preparation can be made easier with a stand mixer such as the KitchenAid Artisan Mixer. Not only can it make large batches of baked goods, you can use it to mix ground meat dishes, and prepare other meals. It’s an investment that will help reduce food costs for many years to come

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The Vegetarian Culture

The vegetarian culture is one that fosters a certain “snootiness” because of our insistence on pure foods.  It is also easy to get a superior attitude because vegetarian living is clearly a superior way to live from a health perspective and because so often our reasons for becoming a vegetarian is grounded in moral, ethical or religious values.  And this is all well and good as long as you are functioning within the vegetarian community exclusively.But what if your sweetheart is a meat eater?  If the one you are dating, engaged to or even married to is not a vegetarian, that can lead to some pretty delicate moments.  The last thing the vegetarian movement is about is hostility.  So we have to have some guidelines on how to live in peace and harmony if your romantic partner has not joined you in your the vegetarian lifestyle.Of course, one resolution is for your sweetheart to become a vegetarian with you.  You could go with the  argument of, “well if you loved me you would give up meat.”  But forcing someone to join the vegetarian community out of guilt is a terrible reason to make that change of life.  Your sweetheart will just resent giving up a food he or she loves and will probably cheat and eat meat when not around you.  That kind of tension, resentment and deception is no grounds for a long term love affair.


A better way is to come to terms with your differences, find ways to live with them and then see if down the road, your sweetheart might convert of his own free will.  The first step, as is true of any conflict in an intimate relationship, is to talk about your differences openly.  Sit down and talk about where each of you is on this issue. Agree to disagree.  But also agree to find compromises and not to hold the other in contempt or to mock the other for the life choices he or she has made.  By reaching a loving agreement, each of you can allow the other to be who he or she is and the romance can continue as the dietary dispute is resolved peacefully.Together you can look for restaurants that offer both vegetarian dishes and meat dishes so each of you can get what you want.  Now you don’t have to go to a restaurant that shouts in its advertising “We Serve Vegetarians!”  All a good restaurant needs is a few good menu entries that are meatless and you can find what you want while your sweetheart enjoys a meat dish.  Most good restaurants offer a tempting salad offering that you can customize so any meat, bacon bits, boiled eggs or even cheese are left out.  By working together to build a good list of restaurants both of you can enjoy, you have a compromise for date nights that will last a long time.


Finding ways for both of you to enjoy your diet of choice is a good long term step.  But your loved one may have a misconception that vegetarian food can’t taste good.  So make a deal that he or she might try it one night.  Then you can put your best foot forward by preparing a sumptuous vegetarian meal that nobody can resist.  But be aware that if you do try to make such a deal, you might have to agree to let your sweetheart try to convert you back to the meat eating world with a sumptuous home made meat based meal.  If that is not ok with you, don’t make the deal.Above all, don’t mock or look upon your sweetheart’s choice of diet with distain or disgust.  Don’t make the “eww” face each time your date has a hamburger or a hot dog.  Come to the point that you can live with meat eaters and not feel repulsed when others eat the foods you don’t approve of.  After all, you would not your date to make the “eww” face when you had a tofu burger or a big plate of steaming vegetables instead of meat.  So treat each other with respect and love. Over time that approach will result in the best long term love affair and maybe even see you come to a time when he or she sees the light and joins you in the joys of vegetarianism.


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The Fashion Plates Of London

Food is assertively fashionable in today’s London.  Given the 13,000 restaurant in greater London at last count, where should you go if you’re planning a business lunch or dinner, to settle the final details of a major deal?

The options are bewildering, even in St. James’s, formerly the preserve of clubby clubs and a few restaurants where the menus and the decor had not changed within living memory.  Over the past 12 months, central London has gained more than 5,500 restaurant seats, and more are planned before the end of the year, in St. James’s, Soho and the area around Leicester Square.

For the moments, it seems that there is more than enough business to go round and the three golden rules when dining anywhere even remotely popular in London these days are: reservations, reservations, reservations.  It’s definitely a seller’s market, except perhaps the beginning of the week.  By Thursday, however, your extra generous greeting to the maitre d’ will still elicit a smile of two, but at the most fashionable restaurants you’re likely to be told in no uncertain terms that you must be out within 90 minutes to make way for the next sitting of customers.  Friday and Saturday evenings may mean booking several weeks ahead.

Most of the newest restaurants seat anywhere from 150 to 750 and all strive to provide a show as much as a meal, whether with transvestite waiters, internet screens, free use of Toshiba Netbook, New Nintendo Players or glass-sided kitchens.  In today’s enterpreneurial climate, London restaurants are widely regarded as good investments for a relatively quick quick return, which makes them more customer-driven and innovative than ever before.       

In recent years, the British have become a nation of foodies.  When every supermarket seems to stock foccaccio and walnut bad, five types of soya sauce and 50 flavours of vinegar and some others with the Cuisinart Gas Grill, an ambitious restaurant must try harder to give customers something that they can’t produce at home, with a little help from messrs Sainsbury et al.  By contrast with the bad old days of not so long ago, you rarely need even a smattering of French or Italian to order your meal intelligently.  Menus have become altogether more reader-friendly, unpretentious and informative, sometimes almost too chatty.

By contrast with the minimalist theatricality of the ambience, there’s a perceptible move back to basics as far as the food is concerned.  This means simple grills, especially of seafood and crustacea, and lots of lamb (because it isn’t beef or, latest suspect, chicken), and ingredients which generally speak for themselves, with the least possible intervention.  For the most part, food emerges as surprisingly good and eclectic in its inspiration.

Although old Asia hands will surely despise the vegetarian spring roll at The Avenue, there’s nothing but praise for what ‘Time Out’ describes as the “flavour of the year” at the proliferating ramen bars, all echoing the runaway success of Wagamama, and a far cry from the exclusive, seriously expensive Japanese restaurants favoured by expense-account Japanese business visitors.

The Complete Guide To Better Cocktails

Have you tried many times to get your cocktail at par with those of bartenders’? And has every try of yours didn’t meet that standard? If yes then you need not fret about it! All you have got to do is learn a few basic things about cocktail making. When you are well capable with these basics, you may do as good as the barkeeper himself. Read on!

The first things you will have to get rid of are the low quality ingredients that you may be using. The primary ingredientliquor, should be of best quality if you want your cocktail to sample good. But, this in no way means you have to surpass your budget boundaries to do so. Good quality spirits will be easily available within your means. Be it anything, liquor or your acne remedy kit, low quality definitely will not fulfill the purpose in every case. For a class apart cocktail, you’re going to have to use good liquor and to treat acne you will have to use effective products like Zenmed Derma cleanse System.

Choosing fresh ingredients is another key tip to make better cocktails. Go in for fresh ingredients rather than bottled or canned ingredients. For instance, if you need fruit juice, you can simple extract juice from fruits instead of opting for canned juices. Most of these canned products incorporate additions that take away the freshness of the product. Even when you need to use soda, you can use soda siphon rather than purchasing club soda or soda water. Nonetheless make sure that you avoid way too much of soda as it can lead to weight gain. Naturally, you have weightloss additions like Caralluma Burn Appetite Suppressant to help battle the problem. 

You are enjoying an ice cold cocktail and by the point you reach bottom, it turns warm. Of course, the experience is going to be bad. It is for this reason that matching the drink and glass temperature is a total must. For instance, when you are serving cold drinks, you can chill the glasses before you serve the drink. Keep the glasses in the fridge for one or two minutes. This’ll help ensure that the drink says cold for longer. If you are making a hot drink, then think about filling the glass with hot water for a period of time.

Appropriate garnishing can serve as the ideal finishing touch to a really great tasting cocktail. However, it’s not recommended for every drink. You should ideally only use it to level out the flavours of a specific alcoholic mixture. For instance, a martini requires an olive to even out its taste ; while a gin based drink would do well with a straightforward piece of lime as garnishing.

As fun as they are to make and drink ; you should not over-indulge in cocktails. You should instead keep your blood pressure in control and constrain the drinks to those special weekends.

Tips On How To Cook

Cooking is one of the abilities that can certainly from. If you want to find out about how to cook, you are definitely in luck because there are plenty of classes and books that might help you find out about how to cook. Sometimes all that you need is a fantastic book, the right materials, and the patience for you to become a great cook. Sure it will take some trial and error and you may experience many failed attempts but at least, with every botched one, you can find out about something new.

05/09/2011 Seattle, WA – Mary Fitzpatrick is a home cook and she gleefully reveals with us her interest for cooking. “I have always been a lover of food, but it was not till recently that I come across how fun cooking can be. I had no clue how good it can be and just how much enjoyable I could have. Now I cook each day and it’s a kind of therapy for me, away from the very hectic lifestyle that I lead.” Fitzpatrick also was at hand at the launch of the site –

When you are want to learn how to cook, it may be an excellent idea to figure out what kind of food you want to cook. Maybe you wish to start with the fundamentals like frying some chicken or making some really wonderful mashed potatoes. You may also be more interested with making sweets like cakes or cookies. It does not matter what method of cooking you are after, there are cookbooks similar to Barbecue Recipes that could help you find what you are in search of. There are also loads of good recipes online, just make sure you get yours from a trustworthy source.

Picking up a cookbook is one of the first things you have to do when you want to learn how to cook. If you have recipes for dishes you have consumed at home, those can work too. Also, be sure that you have the right cooking equipment. The basic pots and pans are going to do. If you have no idea where to begin, just be certain that you have average sized tools. Beware about getting roped into buying whole sets because you don’t require that yet. You can profit from that later, but for now, just get the essentials. Also, make sure to buy cooking utensils that you can employ. Some of the essentials you have to buy include a whisk, a wooden ladle, a slotted ladle, and a pair of tongs.

Once you have a cookbook or if you’ve got a set of recipes from home, you must pick one recipe out and begin to study it. Determine what it is you need and what of it you are going to need to have. Practice the system of measuring everything out and placing them in their containers before you start. This helps to lessen the probability of having something go wrong.

If you do not feel that cookbooks and self help guides are enough, you can always go take classes. . You can just use cookbooks similar to Barbecue Recipes as a supplementary guide for yourself. 


A Taste For Steak Jerky

Beef jerky has become just one of the most popular dried up meats products on an international scale. Created via lean muscle meat of bovine, meat jerky is actually a high sodium meat snack which can very easily become mixed to match your own tastes, and also has grabbed the actual attention of millions all around this earth.

Ingesting beef jerky is actually some sort of fantastic treat with regard to those which hunger for some thing salty. The majority of portions of beef jerky strip weight in with around six hundred mg of salt, a result of the sodium cures utilized in order to rapidly dried out the meats. Protein, fat and carbohydrates help to make up the rest of this fantastic on-the-go munch. Nonetheless, along with this sort of a substantial sodium level, it will raise a number of health issues, and as a result, ought to just end up being loved on occasion.

While you can discover a number of different kinds of meats jerky inside nearly every corner store for a fairly low-cost value, an individual may also save oneself some dollars by producing steak jerky from home. While this may be time consuming presently there tend to be hundreds of quality recipes on the web which can help a person season and dry your very own meat. The actual gain to that will be the ability in order to make meat jerky in numerous global traditional variations. Be sure to verify the worldwide grocery store in order to find the seasoning necessary to create a few of the most genuine flavors.

In addition to help getting eaten on it’s very own, Beef jerky can easily additionally end up being added in to your own meals in order to kick things upward a level. Omelettes, macaroni and cheese, soups and sauces can easily almost all benefit through the inclusion of various meats jerky. Be certain to rip apart the dried out meat first in order to steer clear of a salt overload which may overcome the rest of your food. Adding steak jerky to your own foods can be a fantastic method to satisfy your salty meal desires, whilst keeping your own overall well being in mind.

Absolutely no matter how an individual select to add jerky in to your own diet plan, it is actually 1 well-known goody in which can gratify you on it’s very own, as well as when mixed with additional food. It’s accessibility as well as easy-to-follow international quality recipes may possess your own mouth watering in no time!


Tips On How To Make Nutritious Soup Stock And Save Money Too!

In a restaurant, chefs are trained– from day one– to follow one simple rule: Don’t waste food.

Eating places are in enterprise to generate income and eating places can’t keep afloat if they throw away a great deal of food.

I am not referring to spoiled food or food from customer’s plates (thank goodness), however I am talking in regards to the so-known as scraps that most people throw out each day.

Whenever you lower onions, save the skins and ends. Save each part that you’d normally throw away. Do the identical with every other vegetable you process in your kitchen. Save all of the ends and the entire scraps in a brown paper bag in your refrigerator.

In traditional French eating places, throwing away onion skins is a severe offence. You would really lose your job!

The identical goes for bones of any form and even lettuce scraps.

Save the whole lot that’s not rotten or spoiled, “scrap” or not! Then, a few times per week (relying on how a lot vegetable scrap you accumulate), you throw all of it into a pot, fill the pot with water, and boil everything for three to 6 hours.

When you’re finished, drain all of the water from the scraps, using a colander, and you should have stock.

If it’s just vegetable scraps in your pot, you will have an enormous pot of vegetable stock. When you’ve thrown some bones or shrimp shells in there, you will have a stock that tastes just like the scraps from whatever protein or proteins that you just used.

The stock is stuffed with vitamins and nutrients; the very same vitamins that may usually go in the trash as “scrap.” It’s possible you’ll not need to eat a leafy carrot prime, however there may be nothing improper with extracting the entire flavor and nutrients.

So what can you do with the stock, now that you’ve got made it?

1. You possibly can make a delicious soup for starters. You can add noodles or beans or whatever your coronary heart wishes; the world is your oyster.

2. You could thicken it and make a sauce. Gravy, for instance, is nothing greater than inventory that is thickened with flour and butter (or pan drippings). Add a bit of crimson wine to the gravy and now you could have a elaborate French brown sauce, adequate for any steak.

3. Most importantly although, you should utilize it in recipes as an alternative of water. If you boil pasta or make a rice dish for your loved ones, why not boil in inventory? The pasta or rice will absorb all the nutrients and flavor which might be in the water and your family can be healthier for it.

I realize that most people don’t like the thought of creating soups and gravies, however everyone needs to make use of water to cook dinner with.

Why not take those carrot tops that you were going to throw away and make a nice carrot inventory? Then use that beta-carotene rich inventory to boil your children’s macaroni and cheese noodles. You may be getting them all of their vitamins and so they won’t even know it.

See other articles about dinner recipes

Expertise This Italian Standard Of Living

If you are a certified coffee drinker, you surely have witnessed the best Italian coffee beans that could make a cup of coffee tough to resist. Italy is identified for creating world class coffee and also Italians alone are consumers of their own coffee. If you take a walk down the streets of Rome or Milan and a few of the significant cities in Italy, you are able to constantly uncover folks drinking Italian coffees while having conversation or any time reading the paper.

The Italian way of life and also meal strategy just isn’t complete with out Italian coffee. Regardless of whether it can be an early morning cup or following a generous dinner, coffee is usually offered for many occasions. To discover a great deal more info, go to BeansMachines.

Italian coffee is recognized worldwide because of its innovative appearance and also exclusive taste. However, it can be crucial to find out that Italian coffee beans are not in fact grown in Italy. It’s brought in from several areas and also countries within the world that are popular for producing great range of coffees. The reason behind this is that coffee requires sufficient warmth in order for the beans to thrive, and this is some thing that Italian shores do not possess. Italian coffee producers obtain their means from different aspects of the world including America, Asia as well as Africa.

The Italian coffee that you have often craved for originates from skillful roasting as well as mixing that are becoming utilised by the several coffee stores which Italy offers. Raw coffee beans are shipped in and it can be roasted too as blended in accordance to desired taste. The baristas will then work with the ground beans and they’re accountable for controlling the coffee machine correctly to obtain that superior product, anticipated by most customers.

Most Italian people choose to brew coffee on their own. But most coffee fans would invest for fancy equipment which is normally found in most coffee bars. However, it’s worthy to note that aside from the commercial machine, the key to obtain a excellent tasting cup of coffee is the number of experience and skill to be an expert in this field.

In case you are not living in Italy but need to experience the uniqueness inside the taste of this coffee, you don’t need to fly all of the way to Italy since the world wide web is your gateway to finding probably the most delicious as well as savoury Italian coffee beans. Italian coffee beans come in different brands which are distinct in taste so be sure to decide on one that corresponds well to your preferred taste. For those who have gone to Italy and also you are usually reminded for that fresh fragrant of coffee, it is possible to always have a taste of the Italian coffee from coffee houses that experience in generating variety of Italian coffee tastes. They can take you to Italy and also bring back the great experience you actually as soon as acquired.

9 Fundamental Tailgating Tactics For Beginners That Will Make You Feel Like A Pro

Many people nowadays are getting interested in tailgating. Should you haven’t tried ir therefore you want to throw a successful tailgating party that no-one will ever forget, then this article is made for you.

Here are 9 things you need to consider as a beginner in tailgating:

1. Before having a party, be sure that you have already packed in the things you need. Assess all the things you may need like chairs, tables, trash bags and also other things that you think you might need and pack them to your vehicle. Make sure also that you are prepared with the foods that you will be bringing. You must learn the proper way of packing the foodstuff. The last food to be packed must be the first one to use. Being prepared will a smooth running tailgate party, a vital aspect for any party.

2. Checking the positioning where you are planning to do your tailgating ought to be done a day before you plan to party. Be sure that you have the correct space for the big party.

3. Filling your propane tanks for cooking should be the one thing you should never forget. Do not just believe that it is full, instead you should go and check it out and see for yourself.

4. Separating your raw meats as well as your ready-to-eat foods and beverages should be observed. You should have a separate cooler for each and every of them in order to avoid bad smells and spoiling the food.

5. It is more advisable to the beginners to own freeze-bottled water or drinks being use for cooling rather than putting loose ice. In this manner, you can observe cleanliness and orderliness while tailgating. Gone will be the water scattering on the floor with the loose and melted ice.

6. Fly flags, balloons or anything that can be use for recognition for your guests to have an easy strategies by locating you.

7. Food ought to be ready so that anytime your friends and relatives or participants wants to eat, you are prepared and you will not be panickingto cook to order.

8. After grilling, you must remove the ashes and keep them in a heavy-duty foil and dip them completely in water before allowing it to be placed in a container and that is non-combustible in order to observe cleanliness.

9. Lastly, bear in mind after the party is over, you should clean up your own mess. Bring lots of trash bags and recycling bags in order to dispose all your garbage cans and bottles. Put everything in its proper places.

By doing all of these things, you can consider yourself among the pros in tailgating.


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Before You Obtain A Lynx Grill You Need To Know This

Lynx will be the brand name with the highest quality grill in the marketplace right now. Having a solid reputation and about 15 years of quality service, this firm produces only good quality merchandise. They make various items created for individuals who taking grilling seriously. In this write-up, we will be discussing Lynx grills to help you make a decision if these remarkable barbecue merchandise are for you personally. Deciding on Lynx Grills is simply like selecting metal buildings for sale , it will take effort and time.

Since Lynx grills are of a professional quality, many people buy them for reasons beyond casual personal use. Family get-togethers and social gatherings on the weekends are a couple of reasons that people purchase this quality grill. Searching for the best grill for cooking quality food every time ends once you purchase a Lynx grill, especially for business or community gatherings. Having a grill with such capabilities may actually inspire you to entertain on a grander scale, as it’s sure to attract people who love great food. The features and capabilities of the Lynx grill will allow you to entertain as many people as you want to each and every week.

If you enjoy cooking rotisserie chicken, then you’ll absolutely love the Lynx L36R-1 36″ Built-In Grill and Rotisserie. You will never get tired of using this 640 square inch grill with bonus features including an infrared burner, a rotisserie, and three additional burners to cook everything to perfection. Cooking will never be easier once you begin to use this amazing grill which will allow you to cook anything from vegetables to meat like a pro. One very useful components of Lynx grills are there removable grilling gates that allow for easy cleaning. A benefit to owning this type of grill is that you will have even heat distribution because of the hollow core Ceramic Briquettes. Cooking at night has never been easier because they have added halogen grill surface lights as one of their best features. Halogen grill surface lights are as important as quonset hut to contemplate when deciding on your Grill.

If you’re serious about getting a Lynx grill, you can search for an authorized dealer in your area, or find them online. Discount retail sites sometimes offer substantial discounts on Lynx products which are easy to find online as well. The primary website for Lynx has a full product and feature list that is available to the public. Simply find the product you are most interested in, then begin searching for that product online that offers the best discount. Make sure you find a reputable seller that can provide you with the product that you need online or off-line. Be sure to read the fine print and make sure that you’re getting the full warranty that comes with all Lynx products.

Only the high price of a Lynx grill will prevent someone from getting one especially when they realize how wonderful they are. The only question you have to ask yourself is whether you’re willing to invest in such a high end grill. If you are looking for the best equipment that can help you become the best cook in the town, you definitely need to get a Lynx grill. No matter whether your intention is always to become an expert griller or perhaps be great at two person computer desk, it can be crucial that you simply emphasis on going for that best.

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