The Best Thai Eatery in Pasadena Los Angeles

Thai food can be conclusive heaven but just if the dishes are authentic and manufactured by someone who knows his Thai cuisine. While many folks enjoy Thai food in L. A. , most don't know how actual Thai food is meant to taste because they have never been to Thailand. One of the best markers of authenticity that an exotic trattoria can have is to have a lot of folk supporting the restaurant.

For instance, a Thai restaurant in LA can be taken to provide genuine Thai cuisine if you see a large amount of Asian people in it. A good example of this would be Caf Linda’s, which is widely considered to be the best Thai restaurant in Pasadena and Los Angeles. Here are some reasons explaining why.

1. Food is authentic:
The food served in Caf Linda’s, as explained earlier, is actually legitimate Thai and not the globalised version. This has been proved by its generally Asian customers. Thus, if you order spicy, you get spicy or if you order sour, you get sour.

2. Ambience is top class:
The ambience of this place is truly top class. It is found in a quiet corner of a quiet neighborhood, has modern interiors and even uses high end dishes. In a nutshell, this place is good for a date and a quiet meal.

3. Service is very professional:
The service of Caf Linda’s is appreciated by most customers who eat here. The waiting staff here is very cordial, polite and well mannered. In fact , even the owner of the place, Linda is very attentive and beneficial in nature.

4. Fancy flaming dishes:
This is one of the few places in the area and the town that offer flaming dishes. You can order the simple fried banana or the more complicated phoenix in flames.

Ilan Gez is an article writer and the owner of the best Thai food in Los Angeles guide. This directory offers some of the best Thai cuisine restaurants in Los Angeles.

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