Appetizers – Devilishly Delicious Eggs

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"Devilishly Delicious Eggs"

6 Hard-cooked eggs

1/3 c Pace Picante Sauce

-OR 1/3 c Pace Thick & Chunky Salsa

2 Crisply cooked bacon slices,

-crumbled 1 tb Mayonnaise

Peel and cut eggs in half lengthwise. Mash the yolks and mix with Pace,
bacon, and mayonnaise. Fill the egg whites with the yolk mixture and
chill. Garnish with olive slices or small sprigs or parsley or cilantro
and serve on a lettuce-lined tray.

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Appetizers – Fried Lumpia

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"Fried Lumpia"

SAUCE—————————— 1/4 c Cider vinegar

1 ts Soy sauce

1/2 c Sugar

1 c Water or pineapple juice

1/2 ts Finely grated gingerroot

1/2 Garlic clove; crushed

2 tb Cornstarch; blended with:

2 tb Cold water

– 1/2 lb Ground pork

1/2 lb Uncooked shrimp,

– finely chopped 1/2 c Minced mushrooms

1/2 c Diced peeled jicama

2 Green onions; finely chopped

3 Egg yolks

2 tb Soy sauce

Lumpia wrappers Oil; for deep-frying To make sauce, combine vinegar, 1
teaspoon soy sauce, sugar, water, ginger and garlic in small saucepan.
Bring to boil. Stir in cornstarch paste and simmer 5 minutes, or until
thickened. Season to taste with salt. Keep warm. For lumpia, mix pork,
shrimp, mushrooms, jicama, green onions, egg yolks and 2 tablespoons soy
sauce in bowl. Mix well. Shape about 1 1/2 tablespoons meat mixture into
strip and place along one side of lumpia wrapper. Roll tightly, folding
in wrapper ends while rolling. Moisten edges lightly with water to seal.
Repeat with remaining filling. Fry in deep hot oil until golden brown.
Serve whole or cut in halves or thirds. Serve with sweet-sour sauce.

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Appetizers – Smoked Turkey Calzones

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"Smoked Turkey Calzones"

2 c Frozen chopped spinach

1/2 c Part-skim ricotta cheese

1 tb Parmesan cheese, grated

1/4 ts Garlic powder

4 oz Refrigerated Pizza dough

6 oz Smoked turkey, thin slice

1 Tomato, med.,8 slices

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Spray baking sheet with non-stick spray.
Thaw spinach, squeeze dry. Combine spinach, ricotta, parmesan cheese and
garlic. Divide dough into 4 pieces, roll each to 6" circle. (I probably
would make up my own dough if I had time but the pre-prepared isn't bad.)
Spread spinach mix to within 1/4" of edges of each circle. Place 1 1/2 oz
turkey and 2 tomato slices one on half of circle. Fold over and seal by
pressing edges with fork. Place on prepared baking sheet, bake 12-15
minutes, until browned. Can be frozen and re-heated for lunches. Per
each: 201 calories, 18 g protein, 6 g fat, 20 g carbohydrate, 692 mg
sodium, 29

mg cholesterol From Weight Watchers Magazine, June 1991 Posted by: Sheila
Exner – January 1992

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Appetizers – Mushroom Turnovers

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"Mushroom Turnovers"

INGREDIENTS—————————– 1 c Butter (slightly softened)

1 pk Cream Cheese (softened)

1/2 ts Salt

2 c Flour

1 Egg

2 ts Milk

FILLING—————————— 2 cn Stems and pieces (4 oz)

1/2 c Onions (minced)

1/2 ts Salt

1/8 ts White Pepper

1 ts Lemon juice

2 ts Flour

1/2 c Light cream

Pastry: Combine butter, cream cheese and salt and beat well. Add flour
and blend. Wrap dough in waxed paper 8×6 rectangle and chill overnight.
Remove 10 minutes before rolling. Roll part of dough at a time to 1/8
inch thick. Cut into 2 1/2 inch rounds. Put 1 teaspoon of filling in
each. Moisten edges and fold double. Press edges with fork to seal. Mix
egg with milk and slightly beat. Brush with and milk and chill 1 hour.
Bake at 350F for 25 minutes or until golden brown. May be frozen. Makes 5

Mushroom filling: In pan, saute mushrooms and oinions in butter. Sprinkle
in salt, pepper, lemon juice and flour. Stir and simmer 2 minutes.
Gradually add cream and stir util smooth and thickened. Chill. Add 1
tablespoon sherry or dry vermouth before chilling, if desired.

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Appetizers – Indian Samosas Easier

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"Indian Samosas Easier"

2 tb Oil, vegetable

1 Onion;finely chopped

1 tb Ginger root;fresh, chopped

1 Garlic clove; finely chopped

1 tb Curry powder

1 1/2 ts -salt

1/4 c -water

1 1/2 c Peas; frozen

4 Potatoes;cooked and diced

1/4 c Coriander; chopped fresh

24 Spring Roll wrappers or

-Egg roll wrapper 1 Egg; lightly beaten

-Vegetable oil for frying This recipe uses either spring roll wrapper or
Egg roll wrappers to save time rahter the traditional pastry. They may be
found in any Chinese store or in many groceries. These made be made ahead
of time and frozen. Heat 2 Tbsp of oil in deep skillet. Add onions,
ginger & garlic. Cook few minutes without browning. Add curry and salt.
Cook 30 to 60 seconds. Add water, peas and potatoes. Heat mixture
thoroughly; combine well. Add coriander but do not cook. Cool completely.
Separate wrappers individually. If difficult to separate, unwrap package
and cover with a damp cloth. After a few minutes, top wrapper can be
removed. Place tablespoonful of filling on wrapper. Brush edges with egg
and fold over filling into a triangular shape. Place on baking sheet
lined with a clean tea towel. Separate second wrapper and repeat. Unused
wrapper can be refrozen if wrapped well. Heat 1 inch of oil in deep
skillet. Cook in batches few minutes on each side until golden and crisp.
Drain on a rack or paper towels. Serve with chutney as a dip if you wish.
MAKES: approx 24 Source: Marion Kane, The Toronto Star

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Appetizers – Kalamarakia (Greek Squid)

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"Kalamarakia (Greek Squid)"

1 lb Squid, about 2" long

1 Flour for coating

1 Salt

1/2 c Olive oil

1/4 c Sauterne wine

1 Lemon, juice of

Wash the squid thoroughly, and pull out the soft backbone and ink sack
from the head of each. Remove the black membrane from ove the whole
squid. Coat them with flour and sprinkle with salt. Heat the olive oil in
a heavy skillet and fry the squid until brown. Pour the wine over the
squid, stir, and turn off the heat. Add lemon juice and stir. Let the
squid stand in the sauce for ten minutes, then drain. Arrange on a hot
serving dish. Serve on small individual plates with forks.

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Appetizers – Spam Fiesta Dip

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"Spam Fiesta Dip"

1 cn CHI-CHI's Refried Beans

-(15 oz) 1 pk Taco dressing (1 1/4 oz)

1/2 c Chopped green onions

1 cn SPAM Luncheon Meat, cubed

-(12 oz) 1 cn HORMEL Chili No Beans (15oz)

1 c Shredded Cheddar cheese

1 c Shredded Monterey Jack

-cheese 1 c Sour cream

Sliced ripe olives CHI-CHI's Salsa CHI-CHI's Tortilla Chips Heat oven to
350'F. Combine refried beans and taco seasoning. Spread mixture in bottom
of 12" pizza pan. Layer green onions, SPAM, chili, and cheeses in pan.
Bake 20-25 minutes or until hot and cheese is melted. Spread sour cream
over the top. Sprinkle with olives. Serve with salsa and tortilla chips.

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Appetizers – Spinanch Balls

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"Spinanch Balls"

20 oz Frozen chopped spinanch

-cooked & well-drained 2 c Packaged herb stuffing

3/4 c Melted butter

1/2 ts Thyme

ds Pepper 6 Eggs, beaten

1/4 c Onion, finely chopped

1 lg Clove garlic, minced

1 c Grated Parmesan Cheese

Mix all ingredients and form into teaspoon-size balls. Put on cookie
sheet and freeze. After frozen, place in a plastic bag and return to
freezer until the party. To use, place frozen spinanch balls on cookie
sheet and bake at 350oF for 20 minutes or until lightly browned. Serve
with toothpicks.

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Hungarian Outdoor Cooking Stoves Cooking In Style

A Hungarian outdoor cooking stove is a different kind of outdoor cooking system with a sophisticated fuel system. The stove uses hard fuel, and is also adaptable for use as a fuel ignitor, warming system and a cooking stove. The Hungarian outdoor cooking stove includes an upstanding combustion tube like other outdoor cooking stove systems which incorporates a long, tubular fire cubicle. This design allows the efficient cooking and the sealed flavor of the food.

Hungarian outdoor cooking stoves use the conventional cooking utensils that can be housed conveniently on the stove. The stove is easy to use and easily portable for the camping experience.

Many popular, maximum outdoor cook stoves are extremely restricted in their utilities compared to the Hungarian outdoor cooking stove. The Hungarian stove allows for different types of cooking that others are not capable of. But Hungarian outdoor cooking stove, are usually intended for char-broiling meat that is placed directly on the plate or rods of the cooking grate. Some that use Hungarian stove prefer to use bowls and pots that can be used on the cooking grate.

Hungarian outdoor cooking stove can be used for a number of meals. From different kinds of meat, vegetables and other tasty treats, they can all be carried out in the Hungarian stove. If you are looking for recipes to try out your new Hungarian stove there are a variety to choose from. Depending on the intended use is how most owners decide which stove to purchase.

Hungarian outdoor cooking stoves are convenient and very easy to use. If cooking for a large crowd is staring you in the face for your next get together you can not go wrong with a Hungarian stove recipe. You can have a deliciously prepared meal without the hassle of indoor cooking.

There are also a number of other types of outdoor cooking equipment. If you are one that loves the outdoors and spends a great deal preparing food, you may want to consider several different cooking methods. For example, you may have a portable gas grill, smoker, turkey fryer and the Hungarian cooking stove. It would not be necessary to take every cooking stove with you on your outdoors journey, but the ability to pick and choose would be nice. Different occasions call for different recipes and meals, with the different types of cooking equipment you could assure that all your cooking needs were met.

The Hungarian outdoor cooking stove is at the top of the outdoor cooking class. The ability to produce deliciously prepared food is topped by none other.

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Appetizers – Wheat Crackers

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"Wheat Crackers"

1 c Whole wheat flour

1/4 c Wheat germ

1 t Salt

1/2 c Water

1 c All purpose flour

1/4 c Brown sugar

1/2 t Baking soda

1/4 c Butter, softened

In a medium bowl, mix flours, wheat germ, sugar, salt and soda. Stir in
water and butter until smooth dough forms. Divide in half; cover; let
stand 10 minutes. Place half the dough on a lightly oiled 17 x 14 inch
baking sheet; roll out to a 16 1/2 inch x 13 1/2 inch rectangle. Prick
all over with a fork, cut in 1 1/2 inch squares, brush with water and
sprinkle with additional salt (opt.). Bake at 400 degrees for 8 minutes
until crisp but not overbrowned. Remove to racks to cool. Repeat with
second half.

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