How to make your prized car to last

One big investment that most people make is buying a car.And most of them would take years to pay off the price of the car.That is why it would be wise thing to take care of that car so that the money you spent is worth it and that it would last a long time.That is why in this article we are going to talk about some ways you can do to make sure your car lasts.

First of all one little thing you can do that goes a long way is to change the oil. Hard to believe that a simple thing like an oil change can have a huge effect but it does.  In my Escondido auto repair shop I have seen how cars that do regular oil changes last longer.  It makes sense because oil is what helps the engine run.  If you keep it well oiled it will naturally last longer.

Another thing you can do to make your car last longer is to do regular tune ups.  Tune ups are an overlooked part of your car that you must do.  I recommend all my clients of my Carlsbad auto repair shop to at least do it once a year.Reason for this is to detect any small problems which can worsen and give you more problems.

Finally you want to be easy on driving your car.  It is an expensive investment so treat as such.If you drive hard then naturally your car will be affected. But if you take care when driving it will last a long time.  It is simple advice but it is advice I give all my clients of my San Marcos transmission repair shop.  If they treat their car right their car will treat them right by lasting a long time.

If you can just follow the tips above then you can have a very good car for a long, long time.

Things to do to maintain your car

Taking care of cars is one of the things that people have a problem with.  One of the reasons are cars are made so well.They perform well on the road and for a long time that people do not realize that cars also need maintenance.But like everything else you still need to take care of it.You will have more problems with it if you neglect to take care of it.  So here are a couple of maintenance tips you have to do to keep your car running well.

First of all you have to have regular tune ups.  When people bring their cars into my San Diego auto repair shop I try to emphasize this to them.  Regular tune ups do several things.Well, obviously, it can keep all the parts in very good condition.But it can also detect early signs of problems eith your car.And just like anything else detection of early problems would lead to easier solution of the problem.When it comes to car problems you would want to detect it as early as possible.Because once it worsens it becomes more expensive.

Next thing you should do is to regularly change oils.Not being able to do this will affect the performane of your engine.An engine that runs bad means a lot of problems.  One of those problems is when it gets older it will fail a smog test. Whenever I have a car fail in my San Diego smog check shop a lot of times I see they never changed their oil regularly.You can also ruin your engine if you do not change oils.

The brakes are also one of the most important things that you should always maintain when it comes to your cars. Brakes are a part of your car that can get expensive to fix when broken.The easiest soultion would be to regularly maintain it.  So I have all my clients of my San Diego brake shop make sure they maintain their brakes.

So there goes some of the things that you should regularly maintain when you own a car.Proper maintenance would be good for your car in the long run.

Avoiding extra auto expenses

One thing that people always neglect to do with their cars is its maintenance.  They don’t realize the little time it takes to do can save them money.  But not only save them money but also save them time.Because maintenance will take a lot less time than repairs.So what can one do to avoid shelling extra money on auto repairs?

Well, first thing you can do is to always keep your car tuned up. It is a very simple thing to do.  But it is a procedure that will help your car last longer.  In my San Marcos auto repair shop I always encourage my clients to bring their car in for tune ups.It isn’t because I want them to spend more money and make my business richer.But for them to not shell out a lot of money on auto repairs. 

Another thing I always encourage car owners to do is to let their cars undergo regular oil changes. Being able to do this task will go a long way.It will enable the engine to run smoother and it can also make it last longer.Think of the oil as your car’s blood.It won’t survive just like a person that is losing a lot of blood.A car that is low on oil can severely damage its engine.  I have seen it too many times where customers brought in a burnt out engine into my Carlsbad auto repair shop.And it was all due to low oil levels.  So be smart and change your oil regularly.

Last thing I always remind my clients is that they regularly check the transmission of their cars.  Just like the engine, the transmission is a very expensive part to replace.But maintaining it is easy. All you have to do is to regularly maintain it.In my transmission repair shop, I always say to my clients that they should always watch their transmission fluid.  Letting this run down can ruin their transmission.

So there you have it.Performing these simple things will enable you to save a lot on money on repairs.  Plus your car will last longer.

Avoiding costly auto repairs

One of the things that most people can’t do without is their cars.If you think about it, most of the people in modern countries can’t live without it.It is definitely a necessity nowadays.But it is an expensive thing to buy as well.And this is not just about the money that you spent on buying it.But also in the costs that you pay in keeping it maintained or in repairs.But if you really want to get the most out of your cars then you should regularly maintain it.And now I present some tips on how to keep your car in good shape.

First thing that needs to be done is for you to regularly change the oil of your car. A simple thing to do but is a very important thing for your car.  I try to remind the customers of my San Diego auto repair shop how important it is. By taking care of your oil it naturally makes your car last longer.But not doing it will result to major problems for your car.The engine of your car will have major problems if it runs without oil. That would result to a very expensive repair if it does happen.

Failing a smog test is another result of not regularly changing the oil of yor car.Not doing this and coupled with not doing regular tuneups will result to a failed smog test.  It happens all the time at my San Diego smog check shop.  I have people that bring their cars in who never changed their oil. And they also did not make their cars undergo tuneups.As a result, their cars run badly.Their engines also ran badly.  So they failed their smog test. But that is just the beginning of problems.Not caring for your cars the way it was mentioned above will result to major problems.

Finally you want to care for your brakes.  This is another part of your car that is used all the time.And it is one of the most expensive parts of your car to repair.  One of the pieces of advice I give to all my San Diego brake shop clients is to take care of their brakes.Abiding by these steps will make your car last longer.

How to avoid transmission problems using these 3 ways

One of the most expensive parts of the car to be repaired is the transmission. Damaging your transmission can cost several thousand dollars.What’s sad about it is that it could have been avoided.Of course, it won’t be possible to avoid all car problems.But following these 3 tips would definitely increase your chance of avoiding it.

So, the first tip is to pay good attention to your car. This tip is free but you should always do.When I say pay attention to your car what I mean is to look out for leaking fluids.Are the gears rough when you shift it?Those are some signs of problems with your transmission. All my clients of my San Marcos auto repair always get a list of what they should look out for between maintenance.

And the second advice is also free.It is also something that is in your hands.That is you should drive well.A lot of people drive very hard and they don’t care what happens to their cars.They don’t realize that their cars also need maintenance and care.  A lot of the times the cars that need to be repaired in my Carlsbad auto repair shop you can tell which cars weren’t taken care of.  Usually it also means they spend a lot more money in repairs.So do the right thing and take care and regularly maintain your car.

The final tip will cost you some money.  But spending money will save you money in the long run.And that is what you call preventive maintenance. You should bring your car in for regular check-ups.It’s just like a person going to a doctor for a general checkup of his health.  Same thing take your car in to keep it running great.And in that way you can avoid problems by solving them early on. And you can catch problems early.  The earlier you catch problems the less you will have to spend.

So wisely use these tips.  It is what I give to all my clients of my Carlsbad auto repair.  It saves them money.

Tips on improving the lifetime of your transmission

One of the repairs that will cost you a lot on a car is having the transmission done.  It is one of those repairs you hate to hear you have to do.So without question people are searching for methods to get their car to last longer.Or they really are wanting to know can it be done. Like anything it is possible.You can do things that will help it last longer and that is by taking care of it.But here are some more things that are more specific in helping your transmission get more life.

First thing you have to do without fail is keep the proper levels of fluid.Just like most things in your vehicle you want to have your fluids at the right level.  But with a transmission it is crucial if you want your car to last longer.  Whenever a client takes there car in to the Oceanside transmission repair shop I run I always check their fluids.I am always talking to my customers to make sure they understand to watch their fluid levels.  If they run their car with low fluids they will surely ruin their transmission.Or it will not give them as much life as they want.

Second thing to be aware of is that heat can harm your transmission.So you are going to want to find ways to get your transmission to run cooler.One of the ways that work best is by adding in some transmission cooler.You can get it at your local auto parts store.  Of course when clients come and bring their cars in to our Escondido auto repair shop we add it in also.This gives the transmission the ability to run cooler.

Finally here is a simple one.Don’t ever try to shift the gears while your car is moving.  You will be surprised at the number of people who ruin their cars by shifting gears while the car is moving.  I am not because we see it all the time in our Oceanside auto repair shop.  People bring their cars in with ruined transmissions because they shifted while moving.

Important auto maintenance tips for your car

One thing people don’t even know is how crucial it is to maintain your car properly.  We take for granted these cars that get us around wherever we want to go.We don’t even seem aware that our safety is at risk whenever we go out. In addition they don’t even know that the car’s safety is also on the line when driving.So here are the following 2 very critical auto maintenance jobs.

First off it is important for the overall health of your car to always do tuneups.What I am talking about is making sure your car is on schedule for regular tuneups.As previously stated your car will be one of your major investments.If you don’t make an effort to care for it you are in danger of ruining it.  I have seen many clients ruin their vehicle and take it into my San Diego auto repair shop after the fact.  I see that if they had just performed some routine maintenance, the problem may never have happened.

Another point to take in is the fact when you do regular tuneups you will also make your car run cleaner.With such a strong emphasis to cleaner air through cleaner emmissions it is really important.  Because if you don’t take care of your car it can run the risk of faiing a smog check.  I have seen older cars that when taken care of pass with flying colors in my San Diego smog check shop by doing regular tune ups.  I have seen the other way around as well.Cars that didn’t have regular care are usually the ones that will fail.

Finally probably the most important part of your car is your brakes.  But people neglect it all the time.By not doing a good job of caring for your brakes you are taking a chance of more expensive repairs.  In my San Diego brake shop I see cars have expensive brake repair jobs because they didn’t do simple maintenance. By doing some regular checking of their brakes.  Or having it checked regularly they could have saved a lot of money.

You can check for transmission problems at home

One auto repair for your car that is very expensive is doing some transmission repair.  It is a big part of your car.Being sure to take care of it is really important.By doing some maintenance on your car you will end up saving a lot of money.Since it is something you won’t be able to fix yourself, you still can do some checking at home.   By checking it at home you can make sure you need to take it in.

First off since I own a Escondido auto repair shop I know how expensive transmission repairs can be.  So I always tell my clients to check a couple of things first.This way you can double check to see if it really needs to be brought in.First thing they can check is the fluid.  The fluid should be clear.If you find that the fluid is black or dark, that is a warning sign of problems and the car has to be brought in.

Another thing they can check is to see if the gear shifts normally.You accomplish this by simply moving the gears from park to drive.  Or you can move it from park to reverse.What you are trying to see is if the gears do the shifting smoothly.What you hope doesn’t happen is a jerking motion.  If you do have jerking that is a sign that something is wrong with your tranmission.  In my Oceanside transmission repair shop this is one of the big signs of transmission problems.  A lot of cars that come in have this very problem.

Lastly you can see if there could be any leaking of your transmission fluid.This is another thing you can do with your dipstick.  But you can’t tell if you don’t check it regularly.  I advise all my customers in my Oceanside auto repair shop to always check your fluids.People know how to check for oil.  But they should also check their transmission fluid.  This way they can tell if their fluid is leaking.

If you perform these steps on your car you are making sure your transmission stays in good condition.

Making cars last longer

There are people out there who really love cars.They take care of their cars just like they do with their babies.  Then there are other people who don’t even give it a second thought.  They just use it to get around in.  For those second group of people that is a wrong decision. And since it is a big investment people should take care of it by maintaining its parts.

As mentioned earlier people give up a big chunk of their money to buy cars.And since they already spent that money they should also take care of their cars so it can last for a long time.  All my clients with my San Diego auto repair shop know this.I always tell them that they better maintain their cars or else. If they take good care of their cars then it can last longer and they can use it for a long time.  By neglecting it they run the risk of their cars not lasting as long.

With a used car they should even take better care to make sure their cars lasts.Especially if the current owner does not know how it was taken care of by the previous owner.If the car is already an old model it might even have the need to undergo a smog check.If they only start maintaining their cars after a smog test then there is the possibility that they would spend more on its maintenance if it fails the test.  I have seen this time and time again in the San Diego smog check shop that I run.  If they had just taken more care of their car they would have saved themselves some money.

Lastly, even if your car is old or new you should take care of your brakes.  Brakes are an important part of your car.It will save your life when need be.  But they can also cost a lot of money if you neglect them.  Most customers are shocked with San Diego brake shop repair prices after they have failed the test.Once again regular maintenance would cost you little money but it could save you a lot from major repairs.

Tips on avoiding auto repairs

One of the things people hate about cars is the maintenance. It is a hassle to bring it into the auto repair shop.It is a hassle and waste of time waiting for your car get fixed in an auto shop.And another thing is it costs a lot of money.What people do not realize is that just by doing simple maintenance to their cars they could have avoided those problems.They might have avoided the repairs that they paid for.

During my ownership of my San Diego auto repair business I always advise my clients to do regular maintenance.I try to show them that by doing simple things like checking parts of your car you can avoid bigger problems and bigger expenses.But their cars will not only run better.  They will be happier with the car they have.  This is all from just taking care of their car like they should. 

Regular tune ups should be the first that car owners can and should do.  By keeping your car tuned up your engine runs smoother.  Plus by doing things of a tune up it will help when you have to do a smog test.  One of the biggest cause of failures in my San Diego smog check shop is the fact that people neglected their tune ups.Regular tune ups can greatly help in making a car pass a smog test.

Another thing I always suggest to my clients is that they should always check their brake. One of the most costly repairs people bring into my San Diego brake shop is fixing the brakes.Something as simple as breaks may cost a lot and burn a hole in the car owner’s pockets.  If they have to replace the brake system it can be expensive.But by just doing simple steps like checking the barke fluid level will help in preventing this from happening.Make sure also to check if there any noise coming from the breaks.Detecting brake problems at an early stage will lessen the damage and the repair costs.

These few simple steps when done by car owners will save them a fortune in repairs.

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