Enjoy The Benefits Of Green Tea – Live Life To The Fullest

Ever since the Chinese emperor first decided that hot water infused with tea leaves was an excellent idea for refreshment, the benefits of green tea have spread beyond both refreshment and China. Thus the benefits of green tea are not only found in its use as a beverage, they are now much more important for maintaining good health.

Green tea is no different. It has been identified as safe within the scientist community and is the second drunk liquid is the world after water. It contains caffeine, only half the amount found in coffee and if drunk in moderation you shouldn’t have any problems.

I’ve researched the side effects of this drink and the following are the most common complaints. Please don’t let them put you off taking it because the side effects are all minor and pale in comparison to the benefits you’ll receive through regular consumption. If we decided only to eat things with no side effects at all we’d starve to death within a few weeks.

Here are four of the most common green tea side effects.

1. Stomach upset, a study conducted in 1984 revealed that tea is a potent stimulant of gastric acid. Adding milk and sugar can dramatically reduce the effects of this.

2. Restlessness and sleeping problems. Caffeine is a stimulant and has the ability to keep you awake at night. I’d advise you don’t drink any for about two hours before you go to bed.

3. Frequent trips to the toilet for urination. Tea is a diuretic; a diuretic is any drug that increases the excretion of water from the body.

4. Stained teeth. If you don’t brush your teeth properly every day dental plaque forms and begins to harden. Once hardened it’s more commonly known as tartar. Tartar is porous and absorbs stains from food products. It only stains the plaque so when your dentist removes the plaque the stains come away with it.

There are two kinds of Pu-erh: raw and ripe. The raw is “as-is” and the ripe is cooked to make it seem more aged. It is the only tea that can improve with age and for this reason is often compared to wine.

Finally, there are spiritual health benefits to know about. Pu-erh might be considered the most spiritual of all the teas, and this is an honor considering that tea has such a vast root in the ancient Orient and branches from Britain to the rest of the world in the modern era.

One can obtain their GT requirements from the beverage. This is fine but can be inconvenient.

One can also acquire the benefits of green tea from a nutritional supplement. This is an excellent option and also one that I follow. Ideally one should take a multi-ingredient supplement that contains other nutrients. The multiple ingredients would work synergistically together maximizing the beneficial effect.

So if you would like to know more about the benefits of green tea and especially about the multi-ingredient anti-aging supplement that contains green tea extract, then please visit my website today

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3 Excellent Healthy Reasons To Drink Green Tea

While people generally know that green tea is healthy to drink, there is so much to this incredible tea that it’s worth knowing so people are compelled to drink more of it. While the Asian peoples have been aware of its healthy properties for over a thousand years, it is extremely young here in the West. There are some companies that are bottling and selling green tea as a tasty drink, but the important consideration is what it can do for your health. What we will do now is share a few of the very many healthy reasons to make green tea part of your daily life.

If you’re like many people, then you’ll appreciate green tea’s ability to help you lose weight. If you’ve ever taken diet pills or fat burners, then you already know they make heavy use of some kind of stimulant. Well, one aspect of green tea is that it has natural stimulants in it which serve to boost your metabolism. You’ll be able to metabolize fat better, plus the extra energy you will have can help you find the motivation to do more exercise – or at least be more active. So, when you begin taking green tea you’ll notice a higher feeling of energy, and then you just may want to get up and do something like maybe some exercise. If you want to live a long and healthy life, green tea may be a wise supplement to include in your diet. You’re right on the money if you are thinking the words: antiaging and longevity. While studies have been conducted around the world, some seem to have originated in Japan where the lifespan is one of the longest anywhere. There are many specific kinds of antioxidants in green tea, and they have specific functions that help to destroy free radical poisoning. So by drinking green tea regularly, you may be able to live longer by avoiding many of the illnesses that cause death. Medical problems commonly seen with advancing age respond to green tea, as well – arthritis and memory related issues.

Green tea can provide a positive assist with the proper regulation of blood sugar, and most of understand the issues and implications of that.

This is good for everyone, but in particular to people suffering from diabetes. The way green tea helps with blood sugar levels is it promotes proper insulin sensitivity. With diabetes of the Type 2 variety, there are issues with properly absorbing insulin, and there may be some ability to help with green tea. The overall positive effects of green tea still should be considered even if a person does not have diabetes.

Green tea is an amazing food, and for a lot of reasons; but the effect of it on our entire body is apparent.

As time and more studies continue, we have every confidence that more will be uncovered about the powerful benefits of green tea. The comprehensive benefits of green tea are only beginning to be understood. You can drink it as tea or take it in capsules, and so it’s incredibly easy and painless to ingest.

{We’ve really only had time to mention but a few of the many benefits of green tea. If you want to start taking it, you have a choice of drinking tea or finding a good green tea supplement. Yes, the more you enjoy green tea, then the more your body will enjoy the healthy support it offers.}

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Green Tea Fat Burning Up Benefits

More and more people have become hooked upwards with green tea extract. Especially people that belongs to the category that is a bit large than life. Green tea continues to be proven for you to loosen that will weight getting body. Overweight is a trouble in key growing nations around the world. As anyone grows bulkier and much larger, Profit Jackpot Review their possibility for acquiring an illness is incredibly higher. But because of the impressive influences of green tea, gaining weight can no longer be any health pressure.

Measure associated with gaining excess fat

There are a great deal of reasons why people exhibits unwanted weight gain. 1st, because health of their lifestyle. With a student the capacity to purchase every sole food we know, gaining weight is easy. A person’s lifestyle really can predict exactly how healthy a person is. In the event the person’s way of life is loaded, he will present all the cash on earth to take part in bad eating style like greater consumption of alcohol, crap foods in addition to fatty food items.

Another reason behind gaining excess fat is lack of exercise.
Without physical using up of too much fats in your body, there is a good possibility to get them to get stored and not to be used up ever yet again. Exercise can be quite crucial for people, especially greater ones. Exercise might lower the chance of a great deal of diseases therefore, keeping the body fit and concurrently working healthy and balanced.

Mental problem is a different factor researchers are searching into the key reason why people instantly gain fat. One excellent example will be depression. Whenever a person is actually depressed, rather then crying the girl heart released, she gobbles upward everything in the fridge. Which are often very unhealthy. Google in 60 seconds

Modern treatment for chubbiness

These days, for someone for getting slimmer, many people are bringing on surgery. Surgery that costs a lot are oftentimes the last resort associated with really big individuals who wanted to be small in an immediate. Liposuction is definitely one type of surgical system that advice to fat reduction.

Green tea into the rescue

Certainly, the previously mentioned stated solution might be very powerful but people get into the risk of owning major as well as minor unwanted side effects. There is a means to wipe out those fats naturally. Plus the answer will be, green their tea. This is a different sorts of tea who have numerous benefits in addition to being a reliable fat burner. By incorporating green tea to any meal, people taking it can experience tranquilizing effects. You’ll find three elements that weight loss green tea can do:

1. Improve Calorie Using

Usage of green tea can speed up the stamina of energy inside the human body. This processing known as as thermogenesis. What green tea extract does is the fact that it boosts the heat inside the body as a result, increasing metabolic process and bringing on calorie burn-up.

only two. Diminishing Desires for food

Green tea supports controlling one’s appetite. When a person’s desire for food is restricted, the result shall be, not attempting to eat. Nutrients this compose tea signals into the brain in addition to stomach this makes people lose her appetite thus causing lesser intake of food.

3. Energy levels are raised

Green dinner can shoot positive signals into the mind that enables the advancement of positive mental attitude. Because teas compounds act on the majority of systems from a human’s system, it does put this mind from a relaxed in addition to positive point out that make the entire body feel additional balanced along with in sync. Quickfire Profits

Why Is TEA The Healthiest Beverage During The World?

Why is TEA the healthiest beverage inside the world? With lengthy years of investigate western medicine exposed what eastern cultures knew pro centuries Tea is the healthiest beverage.Here is nothing other satisfying pro tea lovers, than to know with the intention of experts are at the bottom of our believes.Multiple publications of the U.Inhabitant Central promontory pro Biotechnology During rank trade fair with the goal of conservational tea has endless whittle profit.

The not added than directory outlining profile compensation of regular conservational tea drinking is based on range of studies with the target of investigate profile properties of conservational tea.Conservational tea, when drunk regularly: has fat-burning properties Drinking conservational tea evenly promotes consequence loss, especially when combined with increased physical endeavor and a healthy diet.regulates blood glucose level inside blood spill lowers cholesterol level It is proven with the goal of conservational tea lowers entirety cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels and improves the ratio of HDL cholesterol to LDL cholesterol.enhances mental performance Lone of the valuable profile compensation of regular conservational tea drinking is spanking reminiscence and learning capacity.

provides protection hostile to coronary pathway disease Japanese studies confirm with the plan of the other conservational tea open consume the a condensed amount of likely they are to take place inflicted with coronary pathway disease.reduces inflammation inside the gastrointestinal tract Conservational tea was found to reduce inflammation by activating intracellular antioxidants.improves bone brickwork density provides protection hostile to growth Equally a rich source of polyphenols EGCG, conservational tea protects hostile to growth (particularly colon, lung and skin cancers) protects the skin hostile to the adverse things of ultraviolet radiation, such equally UV-induced sunburn, UV-induced immunosuppression and photoaging.References: publications of the Inhabitant Central moment of Biotechnology Information, U.

Inhabitant Supply of Medicine, pro other hip rank visit the following website: http://www.ncbi.gov/ Conservational tea becomes other and other standard inside western cultures.Experts believe with the purpose of drinking smallest 2 cups of conservational teas everyday can help you realize the have an effect on compensation outlined more than.Eastern philosophers add with the objective of rumination ended a cup of tea brings happiness and longevity.Lone is fastidious drinking tea follows tested, traditional and natural deal with to affect and is far a cut-rate amount of risky than tiresome all the novelties of todays medicine.

But what exactly conservational tea is? Conservational tea is the variety which keeps the primary colour of the tea.Conservational Tea is thought to be present inflicted with the in the main medicinal morals.It contains smallest amount caffeine of all Chinese tea classes.Since the leaves are not fermented, the taste is pleasantly fresh.

Conservational teas donate a broad range of flavour, from cute and crazy to fruity and flower.The in general current teas inside this groups are: Longjing tea of Zhejiang Province, Maofeng of Huangshan Mountain inside Anhui Province and Biluochun produced inside Jiangsu.The profile compensation of conservational tea are seemingly endless.It is a rich source of antioxidants – called polyphenols – which benefit form inside many ways.

Studies hostile to the globe proved with the aim of Chinese Conservational Tea helps prevent cancer, aids inside digestion, improves consequence control and pathway shape.The background of conservational tea to prevent growth is so well established with the target of particularly studies are obstinate conservational tea equally the makings growth therapy.Researchers transpire inflicted with made known with the goal of conservational tea blocks the formation of detail tumours.Conservational tea furthermore helps inside sinking anxiety, while keeping highly alert state of mind, credit to its distinguished L-Theanine level.

It chains metabolism and lowers blood honey levels.Conservational tea is rich inside catechins with the intent of effectively eradicate almost both kind of bacteria which cause food poisoning.It furthermore inactivates the toxins with the plan of are produced by people bacteria.By the same time, it enhances the growth of beneficial bacteria inside the digestive tract.

Although conservational tea seems to befall the types generally standard inside methodical research, other tea sorts furthermore deserve our attention.Black tea is renowned inside Porcelain equally “red tea” (hong cha) inside reference to the colour of the infused liquid otherwise to the red edges of the rusty leaves.This class of tea is fermented previous to baking.Black teas are commonly easy inside flavour.

The generally popular teas inside this groups are: Qihong of Anhui , Dianhong of Yunnan, Suhong of Jiangsu, Chuanhong of Sichuan and Huhong of Hunan.Black tea helps to decrease cholesterol and is skilled pro the heart.Drinking black tea helps to prevent deadly clogging of arteries and reverses poor principal functioning with the intention of can trigger sensitivity attacks and strokes.Tea has lengthy been united to decrease expose of stomach malfunctions, colon and breast cancer.

Laboratory studies revealed with the intention of black tea could even bring to a standstill growth growth.Rutgers University researchers showed with the intention of a black tea compound called TF-2 caused colorectal growth cells to “commit suicide” while habitual cells were unaffected.Black tea can neutralize germs, counting approximately with the intention of cause diarrhoea, pneumonia, cystitis and skin infections.Pu-Erh (also on paper Puer, Pu-Er, Puerh) is a very special and unique stylishness of tea.

This type of post-fermented tea is processed using single sun-dried large-leaf tea leaves from particular areas and the novelty tea infusers is kind of the great thing on this case.The preeminent quality Pu-erh comes from the Yunnan province inside South-Western China, counting Xishuangbanna area, Simao and Pu-Er county.Chinese Pu-erh Tea is the utmost tea mystery, popular pro its shape giving benefits, very low caffeine levels and rich, unique and reassuring flavour.The secret resides inside the aging process.

Pu-erh is considered a special delicacy and an basic part of day after day shape care.Pu-Er tea is very skilled pro digestive logic (helps reduce body consequence by increasing the metabolism), reduces cholesterol level inside the blood stream, lowers blood alcohol with drinking, prevents dysentery, and stimulates secretions from the pique and other organs.Wulong (Oolong) tea represents a types semi way linking conservational and black teas.It is prepared by allowing selected tea leaves to to a degree uproar previous to frying.

Oolong is a full-bodied tea with a unique and highly enjoyable sweet-flowery character.It is a specialty of the provinces on China’s southeast coast: Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan.Finest varieties are still handmade following the traditional manufacturing process.Oolong tea enhances the function of fat metabolism, scheming stoutness and even contributing to slimming.

Oolong Tea could promote healthier and stronger bones, caring public from such diseases equally osteoporosis.Equally other tea varieties, Oolong can fight hostile to tooth decay and can help prevent sensitivity ailments.Fair tea is the smallest amount processed of all the tea categories.It is just thin and dried by steaming.

Fair tea gets its label from the fine, silvery fair hairs found inside the unopened buds of the camellia sinensis plant.Fair tea leaves be inflicted with a striking appearance.They ordinarily be inflicted with a easy silver colour.Fair teas are the rarest inside the world, produced on a very restricted extent inside China.

Traditionally plucked single by crack of dawn inside four provinces, fair tea is delicate and devious handle pro calm down moments.These teas are characterized by an extraordinary fresh cologne with the intention of is both devious and sweet.The aroma is pleasantly easy with a serene taste.Well-known varieties include “Silver Needle” and “White Peony”.

Fair teas are greater source of antioxidants than one other teas.They can decrease blood pressure and increase the function of the arteries.They promote sturdy bones.Fair Tea helps inside caring the skin from destruction and could even reverse approximately of the destruction caused by emancipated radicals.

It has splendid anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effects.This assemble of tea is even other effectual than conservational tea inside butchery germs.Fair tea extracts are used inside many types of tooth-pastes to enhance their anti-bacterial effects.Fair Tea could reduce blood honey and help alleviate the symptoms of diabetes.

Herbal teas (also renowned equally a tisane otherwise herbal infusion) contain solely herbs otherwise bring together herbs with regular tea leaves.Herbal teas are made using methodical equipment based on ancient prescriptions by Chinese medicine masters.They be inflicted with already won many faithful customers around the planet due to their dependable qualities and effectual function.When infusing a teaspoon of herbs such equally mint, tulsi, ginger, chamomile, jasmine (and many others), their medicinal properties seep into the fill up giving drinkers the desired effect.

Depending on herbs used, it could befall laxative, curative, refreshing, sedative otherwise antacid inside nature.Blends It is doable to bring together the clear font of uncommon teas by blending.Tea traders blend teas of uncommon crops otherwise even origins to keep up flavour, aroma, character and fee of tea ended longer periods of time.English Breakfast is lone of the generally recognizable blends unfilled on the market.

Whichever tea types is your favourite, remember with the intention of it is valuable to point out single the fresh, skilled quality tea.Baggy leaf tea, containing total leaves and buds seems to befall other effectual than tea bags containing fanning of bigger, a reduced amount of fresh leaves.And remember tea is here to take pleasure in it! Take pleasure in it initially public notice handle shape repayment equally a feature effect.In print by SanTion International Pty Ltd, Sydney 24.

Oct 2009, www.santion.au

Where Does Tea Come From?

Tea Growers from Around the World

Ever since tea was discovered in China in about 2700 BC, the plant from which tea leaves are picked, camellia Sinensis has undergone widespread hybridization. Varieties have been grown in different agricultural environments firstly around China and then spreading from Asia all the way down to East Africa. Tea popularity exploded in the 19th and 20th century and is still rising; ordered by annual gross output, these are the major players in the tea world today:


China has always been the largest producer in the world, growing 1.27 million tons of tea in 2008.  They export a lot of their tea, mostly black, as the world as a whole drinks 97% black tea, with the remaining 3% to green and other teas.  Most of the other tea growing areas globally produce black tea, excepting Japan.  Yixing clay teapots and porcelain tea sets are also made for export in China, as these vessels have been traded for hundreds of years.

The varied geography and climate across China leads to varied types of tea.  In China, it takes about 5 years for a tea plant to reach maturity and be ready for harvesting.  The lifespan at this point is another 30 years.  Organic farming methods are the norm in China, so as not to disturb the delicate flavors with pesticides and chemicals.

Oolong tea comes only from China and Taiwan, as its production is the most complicated of all the teas, making it more expensive as well.  The green tea that China does grow is consumed domestically or exported to its green-tea neighbor Japan.


Since the British were embargoed from trade with China following the Opium wars in the 19th century, Britain, who had become both colonial empire builders and devoted tea drinkers, found other places to source their black tea. Already colonized by the British and used to grow the opium that the Chinese bought, India had plenty of areas that were suitable for the production of tea. These plantations still exist today and have made India the second largest world producer, growing mainly black tea. The main areas in India are Assam/Darjeeling in the foothills of the Himalayas north-east, Kerala in the south, and Kangra in the far north-west. Their different locations, varieties and conditions make them quite distinguishable, each area having a classic flavor associated with it.


Tea is grown in a number of African countries including Uganda, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa, but Kenya has quite the edge on exports. Kenya has large highland areas ideal for tea growing, producing only black tea. Their exports were a respectable 350,000 tons in 2008, slightly less than half that of India. Most of the exported tea is destined for Britain and Western Europe.

Sri-Lanka (formerly Ceylon)

Sri-Lanka’s tea production is on a par with Kenya. Their plantations are at different altitudes due to the topography of Sri-Lanka and makes for the many different flavors available from this relatively small island. Referred to as “Ceylon tea” still, these black teas are popular throughout the world; growers are now branching out to produce different varieties such as green tea in recent years.


Turkey is another tea producer whose product is not really seen to be prominent on the shelves of the average tea room. Their tea is all of the black variety and is grown along the black sea coast. Their tea is prepared in a dual kettle system which makes the brew steep for a lot longer than in most areas of the world and makes for a far from delicate flavor – an acquired taste by all accounts…

Vietnam & Indonesia

Neighboring Vietnam and Indonesia grow a sizable amount of tea as well.  Vietnam grew 175,000 tons in 2008, while Indonesia grew 150,000 tons.  They occupy spots 6 and 7 on this list of tea production.  The tea in these regions is the Java bush, which grows well in jungle and rainforest climates.  However, the quality is not as good as the China bush or Assam bush (grown in China and India, respectively), and as such, teas from Vietnam and Indonesia are used for blends or lower quality bagged teas.


Other countries that produce tea include Japan, which grows it mainly for itself, with limited export to Western countries, and Iran and Bangladesh.  Argentina and Bolivia are also producing tea in South America.  As tea popularity grows, production should continue to increase in the coming years.

Green Tea: How It Can Help You Lose Weight

Today, you will see a lot of overweight people. It may be because of how we live our comfortable lives today, and it may also be because of the numerous amounts of junk food that we eat today. From your fast food joint, to your bag of potato chips, it’s really not that surprising why people are becoming fat. So, if you want to lose weight, you can try getting a little help from a wonderful brew called green tea.

First of all, green tea has been used by the Chinese and Japanese for centuries. It was described as a miracle drink that is able to cure or even prevent different kinds of illnesses. Today, you can even still see green tea as one of the medicines being offered by traditional Chinese herbal pharmacists.

It has been known to prevent diabetes, cancer, as well as a cure for bad breath. However, did you know that this tea can also help in weight loss?

For those people who want to shed off those extra pounds, then you will see that this tea can do wonders. Because being overweight is linked to low metabolism rate, green tea will be perfect for you. It has certain minerals and vitamins that help in stabilizing your metabolism rate, which will help in extracting energy from food faster and also burns more fats faster.

By increasing the metabolism rate and increasing the amount of energy from food, you will also feel more active or energetic. This means that you will definitely want to use the energy that this tea can provide you. It also means that you will not get tired easily and will definitely look for physical activities to use some of that extra energy.

Another key benefit of green tea is that it is an appetite suppressant which helps in weight loss. By drinking this tea instead of munching on those potato chips that you love so much, you will see that after drinking the tea, you will have no more appetite in munching up on those bag of potato chips.

Also, by drinking this before dinner, you will be able to suppress your appetite and avoid overeating during dinner.

That is why green tea is also known as a slimming tea by the Chinese. It’s no surprise that the Japanese and the Chinese don’t have a lot of overweight people. This is because of green tea and the proper diet.

You have to consider that drinking this brew is also healthier than following some of the diet fads that hit the market. That low carbohydrate high protein diet is not only ineffective, but is also very unhealthy. Diets like this are hard on your kidneys and liver and can also disrupt your metabolism rate. You have to remember that our body needs carbohydrate for energy. And, people get fat because their body doesn’t really use the energy that the carbohydrate provides. Low metabolism is also a contributing factor for low energy.

If you have this, then green tea will be able to help. It will be able to make use of the energy provided by carbohydrate more efficiently and increases your metabolism rate.

As you can see, green tea can help in weight loss. It has been proven effective and have helped a lot of overweight people get a healthier and slimmer body.

Tea: Comparing Ceylon Green Teas To Indian Green Teas

Most of the world’s green tea is produced in China and Japan. In fact, China is where green tea originated. Centuries ago, before other tea processing methods were developed, tea harvesters simply dried tea leaves in the sun before storing them, and this is how green tea was born. It gained favor quickly in this part of the world. Even after black tea processing began, it didn’t outsell green tea. Both countries produce very good green tea with very distinct flavors. Green teas from Sri Lanka and India are not as common as Asian green teas, and, in fact, many people don’t even realize that these countries produce green teas. However , one taste of Ceylon or Indian green teas and you’ll likely want more.

Sri Lanka

Ceylon teas are grown in Sri Lanka. Tea is grown in the highlands of Sri Lanka, over an area of about four thousand square miles. Ceylon green teas have a full body and are somewhat pungent with a nutty or malty flavor. Ceylon green teas have a very bright and bold flavor. Today, Ceylon is considered a fairly minor green tea producer. However, as the demand for green tea grows, it’s likely that more green tea will be produced in Sri Lanka. For those who are accustomed to Chinese and Japanese green teas, Ceylon tea may be a surprise because its flavor is so different.


India produces two varieties of green tea, Assam and Darjeeling. Both of these teas have distinct flavors and qualities and both are gaining popularity. Assam green tea is fairly new to the market, but is gaining market quickly. Assam green tea is typically medium bodied tea that is very flavorful. Like Assam black teas, Assam greens are malty and have definite notes of honey flavor.

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Some Awesome Hints For Weight Loss

Everyone is looking for the next best way to lose weight. More and more people are becoming overweight every year. Ow can you lose weight and stay healthy? There are many conventional things to do but is there anything new you can do to help lose weight? Is there more than just exercise or eating a healthy diet to help lose weight or a way to make it happen faster. There are many ways to do this! You can use a wide variety of things such as the use of supplements or drinking a cup of green tea. Read on and I will tell you more about how you can go through all of the different weight loss aids and find which ones work.

What are the extra ways to lose weight.

The standard exercise regiment is of course the most useful way to lose weight. You can do just a half hour of extra exercise a day and slowly see results. Exercise has always been the main weight to lose weight. It has many health benefits such as making you live longer or just increasing your vitality in general.

The next thing you can do is use the acai berry. Acai berry is a fruit that comes from South America and has had thousands of claims from people saying that it causes weight loss to an extreme degree. It comes in many forms such as acai berry juice. You can search the internet and fins countless amounts of testimonials claiming that acai berry helps you she pounds, help with face skin care, and many other benefits. Many of these claims almost seem unbelievable but there have been so many of them you can’t help but give it a try!

You can also drink green tea. Green tea is great because caffeine increases metabolism. Green tea is also full of antioxidants which have been known to have a lot of benefits. This is just another way that can help you lose the weight.

You should also be on a diet. Diets are another important part of the art of losing weight. Eating vegetables and drinking water are the best ways to lose eight. Try to stick to whole foods and try to avoid fattening foods like cakes and other pastries. Figure out how many calories you need in a day and eat a little less than that to lose the weight.

These are the great hints for weight loss!

Green Tea Health Benefits

If everyone knew of all the health benefits of green tea, the sales of green tea would spike immediately. The health benefits of green tea are important and substantial so people should consider making a cup of green tea every day a habit. Health professionals all over the world recommend that people should drink 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day in order to help in protecting the body against various ailments. So, just what are the benefits of this so called miracle brew that it even baffled health professionals from all over the world?

Antioxidants in green tea are one of the main reasons why people are being enticed by it. By reducing incidences of increased cholesterol level in out body, it therefore reduces the body to experience hypertension and cardiac diseases. Studies also show that green tea can help minimize thrombosis formation which is also an associated factor to heart disease. When thrombosis goes into blood circulation, there will come a time when the thrombus will block the way of the blood that is supposed to go to the heart and this will compromise the heart with blood supply. Preventing thrombus formation is one very important effect of green tea.

As people grow older many start to take different types of prescription drugs for a variety of conditions. There is some evidence that one of the
health benefits of green tea
include the possibility of reducing the amount of these prescription drugs. These drugs can very expensive, and some of these drugs come with side effects. Each person should consult with their doctors about each of these conditions, but they might try drinking green tea on a regular basis to ward off some of these conditions before they appear. They might try drinking some green tea to see if they might reverse some of the conditions that already exist

Because liver is another agent responsible for metabolism, it is greatly affected by green tea. There is strong correlation of bonds between liver function and antioxidants. When the liver does it job, it filters the body from toxins and washes it away through excretion.

Toxins are referred to harmful substances that we gather through daily living like digested food, breathed air, consumed water, alcohol intake and even remnants of cigarette smoking. What green tea provides the body is stimulating and strengthening the immune system making the liver more capable of filtering every single substance that can be dangerous to the body.

A Benefitial Drink–Green Tea

As scientists are researching ways to prevent and treat skin cancer, the results involving green tea are promising. One particular study reported by the Alternative Medicine Review showed excellent results in skin cancer prevention and treatment in mice with the use of green tea both applied topically and given orally. In this study, mice were exposed to about seven different kinds of carcinogens, all of which are known to cause or contribute to skin cancer. The mice were divided into groups. Some of the groups were treated with green tea by substituting it for their drinking water. Others were treated topically with green tea extract. Some of the groups of mice were already suffering from skin cancer, as well.

The research was conducted so that mice undergoing exposure to each different carcinogen were treated with green tea in both forms. For example, some of the mice being exposed to UVB rays were treated with only oral green tea, while others were treated with only topical green tea extract. The research concluded that all of the mice benefited from the green tea treatment, whether it was given orally or applied topically. In every group, the green tea was effective at preventing skin cancer. The study found that green tea applied topically seems to scavenge and destroy skin cells that are likely to become cancerous before they can mutate. The green tea, whether given orally or applied topically, slowed down the cancer growth in the mice that were already infected. In addition, green tea given orally seemed to cause some regression of existing skin cancer. Of course, these results are very promising.

The next step, of course, is to conduct human trials to see if the same results prove true. It certainly seems that we have enough information to suggest that green tea should be part of everyone's diet for its ability to slow down aging and prevent disease. The most exciting news from this study is the idea that we might benefit dramatically from the simple step of applying a form of green tea to our skin. Addition of green tea to our sunscreens, lotions and moisturizers could have a dramatic effect on the number of skin cancer diagnosed each year. And, even for those already diagnosed with skin cancer, green tea applied to the skin might prove to be an effective treatment to kill the cancer cells, or at least slow down their progression.

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